Magellan MPA-4 Summer Suit (Kamysh)

kamysh intro In my long hunt for a Kamysh BDU type Suit in my size (58/5) and in somehow “mint” or “new” condition, I finally stumbled upon this sweet and high quality Magellan made MPA-4 Summer Suit on the selling section of Forums.

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SSO Gorka E (Костюм CCO ГОРКА-Е)

Since in Europe/ Germany it is quite difficult to get your hands on a Gorka E, it took me a while to finally get one myself. I bought this particular one second hand on from a guy from Croatia (Puno hvala!). As I already reviewed and wrote about the Gorka-1, also known as Soviet Gorka. I recommend you to read this review first, to get to know the origins of the Gorka Suit itself and the main difference to its modernized and perfected descendant.

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Maskhalat KZM (Leto + yellow Berezka)

Today I have 2 pretty cool and affordable Russians suits for you. To be exact 2 “Maskhalat KZM suits”. – One in “Leto” and one in “yellow Berezka” camouflage. Maskhalat suits are no ordinary standard camouflage uniform. Those are meant to be worn over the regular field uniform. They are sometimes wrongly considered as “Russian sports suits” on a known online auction house and on some Russian themed forums. The Fabric used is some kind of parachute fabric, since it is draft proof and quite tear proof – not to forget extremely lightweight. …read the whole review