Russian robotic thermal sight
What’s that?!

Clickbait? Not really.
I dare to say Russians always had the most sophisticated optical systems, with the robotic sights being the latest addition. People always nagged, that they will never be put into service, too expensive, yada, yada, yada .
Well, things changed: They are being deployed in Syria right now.
Interested in the specifics, or have you never head about robotic sights at all?

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Kondor Gorka-1 (Soviet Gorka) советский горка

This Gorka-1 from Kondor (кондор) resembles the original Soviet Gorka, which was used during the Afghan War in the 80’s. Today it is still used by modern Russian Special Forces because of its comfortable fit and robustness.

Gorka means “Hill” or “Mountain” and exactly for that matter this 100% Cotton Suit is meant for. Since the Afghani Desert has hot day and freezing cold nighttime conditions, the need of an all around rugged Suit was obvious. Not to forget that the manufacturing cost are really low for a Gorka!

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