VSO Anorak Medusa

cover medusa

Today I want you to introduce you to a quite new Company called VSO (витязь спецоснащение // Vityaz Special Purpose) which is a Belarusian Company with their distribution Office located in Warsaw, Poland. They produce different Apparel like Gorkas, Maskhalats, Hats, Helmet Covers and Equipment like Harnishes and Assault Backpacks in a huge variation of camouflage Patterns. Actually Greg, from the UK office of VSO, told us that you can order anything they offer in the desired camouflage Pattern, even Western Camo like Marpat/Cadpat.

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Maskhalat KZM (Leto + yellow Berezka)

Today I have 2 pretty cool and affordable Russians suits for you. To be exact 2 “Maskhalat KZM suits”. – One in “Leto” and one in “yellow Berezka” camouflage. Maskhalat suits are no ordinary standard camouflage uniform. Those are meant to be worn over the regular field uniform. They are sometimes wrongly considered as “Russian sports suits” on a known online auction house and on some Russian themed forums. The Fabric used is some kind of parachute fabric, since it is draft proof and quite tear proof – not to forget extremely lightweight. …read the whole review