MHB-2 Panotron-M


While searching Ebay for Soviet/Russian gear, I stumbled over this ancient night vision. Neither did I recognize it, nor was able to find anything about it on the Web.
So it was clear what to do: Buy it! 🙂

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Cyclop-1 night vision
(Циклоп-1 ПНВ)

The Cyclop is a night vision series, which was produced for the civilian and export market only. It was made by Rostov optical-mechanical plant (Ростовский оптико-механический завод) or short ‘ROMZ’ in the 1980s. There is a great variety of different versions reaching from gen0 to gen1+ tubes.
The one in this review is one of the latest, with a gen1+ tube and Helios (Xeлиос) lens installed.

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NSP-2 night vision sight (НСП-2 ПНВ)

The NSP-2 is a generation 0 active infra red night vision sight. It is quite heavy and bulky, but when you think back to the 1960s this device was very advanced for its time. This one was build in Czechoslovakia, but it was developed by the Novosibirsk instrument-making plant (Новосибирского приборостроительного завода).
It uses a high powered infra red light to illuminate the area, like all active infra red night visions. The single stage image intensifier (or converter) tube provides a pretty clear and sharp image for a gen0+ tube.

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