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Ros – RusOpticalSystem is an innovative Russian company for optical devices. As it is pretty young company (founded in 2009) most people may not know it.
Since it has some amazing designs, which are unique in the world, we decided to devote a whole post to them.

One of their outstanding products is the the Eagle Eye series. They key feature of this series is, that it combines two images at different magnifications in a single image. You can image it as as ‘picture in picture’.
We were able to test the BI-focal sight ЕЕ 1/3,5х14-u and the BI-focal sight EE 3/9×30-d at their exhibition stand.
The quality of the scopes is top notch. They have everything you would expect from a high end scope: decent eye relief, dry nitrogen filling, superb lenses, water resistant, shock proof, operation between -45°c and 40°c…

The BI-focal sight ЕЕ 1/3,5х14-u has a base magnification of 1x and a 3.5x magnified image added to the top. Both images have illuminated reticles which offer 11 levels of adjustment.
Keep in mind that the quality of image is much better in real life then it is captured by my camera on the photo below!

Similar to the sight above the BI-focal sight EE 3/9×30-d which also offers two different levels of magnification in a single image. However it is 3x and 9x on this type, also the added image is at the bottom not the top. The additional 9x image offers a mil-dot type reticle which can be used to determinate the distance/size of the target.
(the purple dot on the photo below is a lens flare from the camera, it has nothing to do with the scope!)

They produce much more sights, which are special in their way. For example an 13-53×60 scope with a catadioptric objective, which is usually only used on night vision devices.

I highly recommend you to check out their website (it is in English!) for more information and a full list of their products.
They will surely help you if you have any further questions. We met them at the IWA 2013 and they all spoke very good English and were very kind!

Last but not least some photos of their sights in use:

10.03.2013 – by netsplit for Gruppa L

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ROS – RusOpticalSystem

  1. Hi!
    Can you tell me weather those Eagle Eye sights are already available for purchase yet? (I’m form the UK)
    They look pretty interesting tbh.

    • Hello!
      I don’t think ROS has a retail partner for Europe yet. As far as I know you can only buy them in Russia. But I can’t tell you whether you can already buy them there.

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