Wouxun KG-UV6D
alias Maas AHT-6-UV

The Wouxun KG-UV6D or Maas AHT-6-UV, which is only a different name given by an importer, is a IP55 waterproof 2m/70cm Dual-Band hand held radio.
It offers a frequency range of 136-174 MHz (=VHF) and 400-480 MHz(=UHF). It can also receive 76-108 MHz FM. It features DTMF Encoding Function and CTCSS / DCS Scan.


The radio was released 2012 by Quanzhou Wouxun Electronics and comes with a charger, AA battery adapter pack and a manual that is surprisingly good, considering how most ‘made in china’ manuals are. The battery adapter pack takes 5 AA batteries and can be used instead of the 1700mAh Li-ion battery pack. However, I have sticked to the rechargeable battery pack so far, since 1700mAh is a lot to begin with and the radio is quite energy efficient.
Due to its bulky case the radio looks larger then it really is. Compared with a Midland G7 and Nokia n900 one can see that it is actually very compact.
The radio has two LEDs to indicate whether its receiving or sending and an additional LED which can work as a emergency flashlight – more about that later.
The illumination for the keyboard and display is decent and fully configurable.
The built in 500mw speaker can be veeeeery loud and microphone quality is more then sufficient.

The antenna, which comes with the radio, is ok – still I decided to upgrade it. For better reception I installed a NAGOYA ‘NA-771’ antenna instead. I received signal from amateur radio satellites and was also able to communicate via those satellites with that antenna. Considering I paid roughly 100€ for the radio and the antenna it is pretty impressive.
It transmits with 5w on the VHF and 4w UHF band. As said earlier it is a dual band radio which can watch 2 different frequencies (it does not matter if they are on the same or different band). Switching between the frequencies for sending is as easy, as pushing the button.

These are photos of the mentioned ‘flashlight’ function. It is nothing special, but it works… and I found myself using it much more frequently then I initially expected.
Another feature, which is definitely worth mentioning, is the speech output. I usually carry the radio in a pouch strapped on the back. With the two knobs on the top of the radio you can change the volume but also the channel. This is where the speech output comes in handy – you can adjust the channel without taking the radio out of the pouch and without having to look at the display.

You can either configure the radio and program all the channels directly on the radio or use an external programming cable. Which in my opinion is the much easier and faster way.
However the official software from Wouxun is not that great and a bit buggy. Thats why I advise you to use ‘KG-UV6 Commander’ instead.
As you can see on the screen shots above, you can fully configure the radio and the channel options. For repeater use you can set the channel to send one frequency but receive on an other for example.
Also the software allows you to configure whether the channels should be included in scanmode or not.

23.10.2012 – by netsplit for Gruppa L

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