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“Do I need a chest rig?”  You have probably asked this already yourself at some point. I did and I do “need” one. But to be honest, only in terms of weight reduction (in comparison to a plate carrier). Also for the OPFOR roles in most games it is often not allowed to use some kind of plate carrier or body armor with harness, therefore chest rigs are more suitable – and in my opinion a lot more comfortable to wear. Not to forget some other perks.

SSO_Lazutchik_LifchickI tried for a long time to get my hands on a Lazutchik, but often you are only being offered the “M” version, if any. And to be honest, I was looking for a rare version in Flora camouflage. But I got tired of looking around and bought one on Red Alliance forums for around 90€ und great condition.

Lazutchik (лазутчик) means Scout or Spy in Russian, which depict its role pretty good, since it is a lightweight and simple chest rig, with a lot of pockets and comfortable to wear.

frontowiec          frontowiecM
(Pictures from shop)

The main difference between the Lazutchik (left) and the Lazutchik “M” (right) are the closing mechanics for the pouches. The Lazutchik got “german style” closing loops, which are silent in use, where the “M” variant got pressure buttons with a velcostrip. Also the “M” variant does not have any MOLLE straps on the shoulder pads, but a fixed radio pouch on the left side.

frontowiec2 frontowiecM2
(Pictures from shop)

Other than that, they only distinguish in pouch variation. The Lazutchik (left) got 3 AK pouch mags which can hold 6 mags, 4 grenade pouches and 2 flare/smoke pouches + 1 pouch for documents, which also can be used for some kind of ballistic protections like kevlar or even custom made plates. The “M” variant got 4 AK mag pouches that can hold 8 mags, 4 pouches for grenades, 4 pouches for VOG grenades, the mentioned radio pouch and also the document/ballistic protection pouch.


Maybe the most important fact is, that you can (obviously) fit a 7.62×39, a 9×39 and a 5.45×39 (each 30 round) mag in the mag pouches without a problem.


SSO_Lazutchik_04 SSO_Lazutchik_05
As mentioned before, all pouches are fittes with the “german style” closing loops. They work great and are indeed silent when opening/closing pouches, which is very handy in CQB situations compared to the loud “VRAAATCH” what a velcro fitted pouch does.


SSO_Lazutchik_07 SSO_Lazutchik_08The magazine pouches are fitted in the front and the back with an 1mm thick sheet of abs plastic for sturdiness and easier fit for the mags.


Same goes for the top flap, which is also reinforced with a sheet of abs plastic.

SSO_Lazutchik_09          SSO_Lazutchik_10SSO_Lazutchik_11
As you can see, you can take out the divider in the magazine pouches, which is fixated via 2 velcro strips. The divider is as well fitted with a sheet of abs plastic. Here you can see the thickness really good on the lower picture. Now yo may think, why should I take the divider out? Well for 2 good reasons: 1st) If you want to fit anything else in the pouch like a 0,5 L bottle of water (fits great) or anything else or 2nd) if you want to fit 3 mags of your desidere caliber in the pouch. Yes you heard right 3 mags in each pouch.
SSO_Lazutchik_14 SSO_Lazutchik_133 mags of 5.45×39? Check! What about 3 mags of 9×39? Also check!

SSO_Lazutchik_12 SSO_Lazutchik_15And 7.62×39? Yes those fit as well! You can also close the pouch with ease, except for the (3x) 7.62×39 mags, this is kinda a very tight fit, but it fits!

SSO_Lazutchik_16    SSO_Lazutchik_17
The only problem with the 7.62×39 mags are, that they are relatively thick and got a overlapping base plate. Which means that you can only take the mag out in the order you put them in the pouch. Last mag you fitted is the first to take out, since the last mag baseplate “blocks” the other mags out. This can only be a problem if you do not have or intend to use a extra dump pouch, since fitting the empty mag back in the pouch, will not let you take the second mag out. Looking at the pictures above should help to understand the matter.

Ok Cool! Whats next?

SSO_Lazutchik_18          SSO_Lazutchik_19
Next up is the flare/smoke pouch. You can fit 2 RSP flares in it or 1 smoke grenade (or a bottle of water) However the great thing is that you can acutally fit 1x mag of each already mentioned calibre in it.

SSO_Lazutchik_21           SSO_Lazutchik_20
This brings the total count of magazines you can carry for your rifle up to 11 (3×3 mags in the main pouches + 2 extra in the flare/smoke pouch) And yes, the pouch does cloes with ease with all 3 mag types.

SSO_Lazutchik_22Next up we got the grenade pouches. You have 2 on each side from the main magazine pouches, which is a total of 4 grenades you can carry with you. How ever you can fit 1x pistol magazine in each grenade pouch with ease (I used the magazine from my CZ 75 KWA GBB)


SSO_Lazutchik_23A great idea for those grenade pouches is the little cordura loop fixated inside the pouch. This actually to fit the handle of the grenade inside, so it is even more firm in the pouch.

SSO_Lazutchik_24          SSO_Lazutchik_25
But I rather “miss use” the grenade pouch for my radio. I could actually web a radio pouch on the MOLLE fitted shoulder straps, but I rather have keep them free for rifle transition ease. As you can see the Pouch even can be closed with the Maas AHT-6-UV.

SSO_Lazutchik_26Actually this is an standard for SSO pouches and gear, but worth to mention anyways. All pouches are fitted with an extra drainage hole in the bottom, so water can flow out with ease, while using the Lazutchik in rainy condition or even when needed to take a “dive” in a river or lake. Good thinking!

SSO_Lazutchik_27One of the coolest things with the Lazutchik and Lazutchik “M” is the big document pouch in the top middle. As you can see I fitted mine with a layer of soft (female) velcro, so I can stick several badges or patches on it with ease. (I had no OD velcro left, if you wonder)

SSO_Lazutchik_28 SSO_Lazutchik_29If you have wondered where the heck the SSO Label is, it is hidden below the flap of the document pouch. This pouch is acutally the only one fitted with 2 pressure buttons on the Lazutchik.

SSO_Lazutchik_30 SSO_Lazutchik_030It is actually hard to get good pictures of the inside, but I think you get the point. The backside (side to the body) is thin padded and fitted with some nylon liner, like the inside of the SSO Bober backpack. The great thing about this pouch or pocket is, that it has the complete base size of the chest rig available. This means you could actually fit a custom made plate or soft armor like Kevlar inside. Maybe there are even custom made plates to buy in russia, I do not know to be honest. Also this size gives you the ability to store a lot more inside the Lazutchik. Besides a Map and maybe ID documents you could put your favorite Playboy magazine in it or slices of pizza in a plastic bag. What ever you desire and suits you best. 🙂

SSO_Lazutchik_02When turned around the Lifchik you can see it is fitted completely with mesh fabric, which helps a lot with the air circulation and kinda minimize the sweating “problem”.

SSO_Lazutchik000The shoulder straps are soft padded and comfortable to war, even fully loaded. Each shoulder strap has 4x MOLLE webbing straps sewn on it. You could fix your knife sheath, radio pouch or as I do, fit your radio PTT on it.

SSO_Lazutchik_03For the backside you have a thin 2cm wide strap with a typical SSO plastic clip to fasten the Lazutchik.

SSO_Lazutchik_003 SSO_Lazutchik_0003If you intend to fully load your Lazutchik and also want to run without it bouncing like a pair of double D sized tits in your face, you should consider attaching an additional belt on the 4 belt loops on the lower part of the Lazutchik. Please note that the belt shown is not included (and neither is any other). I bought myself an GP-2 webbing belt for using it with the Lazutchik. You could actually use any other belt if you are fancy enough. The SSO RS-31 (which for e.g. comes with the Smersh) does fit as well pretty good, but I wanted a soft belt in this case.

P1000884All 4 loops are fitted with a pressure button (like on the document pouch) and a velcro strip. It never occurred to me that they got loose or even opened in any way, while running or anything else.

Actually I wanted to combine this review with another chest rig, the “infamous” Chicom, but I will dedicate it to a separate post, since this will just exaggerate this post to much. But this post will come next week – promised 🙂


Well as said before I was looking a long time to get one, I think back in 2010 I started to looking for a Flora version, which are super rare and later I downgraded my need for a older gen version with the ripstop fabric SSO used a long time ago. I actually bought it only because it was sitting a long time in the trade forums of Red Alliance without anyone wanting it. However long story short – I bought it for 90€, great condition, good coloration (for my taste) and it is so versatile. I really use it as often as I can (and the rules of the event allow it) If you do not have any chest rig in your collection, and you have this on offer for around 100 bucks, you should get it. The fabrication is great, SSO standard I would say.


The only reference picture that I found was from the movie August Eighth (Август Восьмого) from 2012, where Captain Ilya is wearing a SSO Lazutchik – If you happen to have some reference picture, do not hesitate and post them in the comments section or in our forum! thanks


(Fun fact: Captain Ilya is based on Denis Vasiliyevich Vetchinov, Major of the Russian army, killed during the South Ossetia war in 2008 and awarded the Hero of Russian Federation Medal after his death.)


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