Tasteful Journey:

Hunger, Hunger  – we all have at some point this empty feeling and weakness overthrowing us when being outdoors or on a skirmish – but how to eat tasty and good food without carrying a complete frigde and  kitchen supply with you?

We are Hungry!  – well mostly.. and we “hate” to take so much weight with us.
But being lightweight and just to eat dry fruits and nuts…mhm..is not really “satisfying”.

There are a lot of different types of “dried” meals, which get ready with just the adding of Water and today we had the opportunity to try out the Norwegian answer called “REAL TURMAT” which roughly translates to “real hiking food” from the company DRYTECH

Drytech does infact also make the Military Rations for the Norwegian Army (which are as well commercially available, but we will not cover those here)

Today we have a full set of a days meals with us -starting with Breakfast, Lunch and nice Dinner.

Breakfast consist in this case of a “Choclate with Cereals”
They suggest to add hot water for preperations, however I tried it with non-heated Water, since it can be more “realsticly” if you have no heat source at the time given.

The Energy Value as stated on the Back of the Package was 1640kj or 390kcal per 100g which makes a total of 445kcal per portion (net weight 114g).

You just need to add water to the designated mark and close the Bag via the “zip-lock” on the top of the disposable bag.

We had 2 Rations and made our independent remarks about it:

Very Tasteful, perfect Balance of choclade taste and great portion to star your Metabolism during the morning time. As someone who not likes Breakfasts, It was really good and of course easy to prepare (I just added cold water)

I could taste out some Strawberry pieces, probably also possible to prepare with Cold water and then let it stay for more time to let it soak in. Good Portion size, not too sweet and a lot of “chunky parts”

For Lunch we had a Meat Soup as Option – “Kjøttsuppe” to be precise 
(sadly we did not had any Camera with us when we tried this one out, but thanks to the Internet we can provide you with some “stolen” pics)

The Energy Values on this Pack was 253kcal for a portion – little bit less, but then we went for a light soup for lunch instead of a “full” heavy meal.
For the Preperation same procedure here – rip the top off, fill hot water until the mark – wait your 3minutes+ and ready to “Om nom”

(with hot water this time 🙂 )
As well great in taste, nice meat (beef) chunks and good sized vegetable chunks like Potato and Carrot – very nice “rough” puree like texture of the soup – I guess you can make it more “watery” if you like, when adding more water.

A lot of meat pieces in this soup and a fair amount of vegetables too. I could see and taste Leeks and Onions beside the big visiable Carrot and Potate pieces. Very Satsifying but without being heavy on your stomache.

Last but not Least some little special “Kebab Stew” – or “Kebabgryte” (Chicken)
“Why special” you may ask – well we were on a skirmish and we decided to make some small cups with try-outs and let some friends and mates taste it as well 🙂

Here we have a Energy Value of 595 kcal per portion (I rather like the word “meal”, since you proably will eat a whole bag anyways)

To be honest, while preparing it smelled so good, that I actually had in mind not to share at least my part 😀
nah just kidding, we did share of course, since we wanted to know some more opinions

Tastes really good, but for approx. 10,-€ I would rather buy a MRE, since there is more in it for the same price

Very good, taste is superb, I would consider this as an alternative to “Travellunch” (German Bundeswehr Rations for the civil market). Spices are all right, but the rice was not properly cooked for my taste.

I am not really hungry, but i does taste kinda good for an instant hot water meal.

From the Taste-side. very good, exactly my tate with  the heavy emphasis on spices. I should’ve let it rested a bit longer as stated on the package (maybe the water was not properly hot?) since the rice was still uncooked at some parts. The Meat bits could’ve been bigger for my taste, since it was very “mashy” and not much to chew. But very very filling and satisfiyng! – kept me the same until the end of the day

Was very good, very nice spiced, but not too “hot” that it could be bother someone.
Again the taste is great, in comparision to other products in this region, which are mostly very flat/bland tasting.
Portion is probably more then enought (since we shared, but I got still very full)

Is it good? – Yeah it is, the spices and flavour is very great – if you take the fact apart that it was mostly very mashy and puree like, due the Water as a medium for heating it up – you could think this was just freshly cooked.
Is it worth it money? – thats a tough one – for 10,-€ per meal is I think fair – they promote their own secret dry-freezing technology, which preservers the taste, and it does preserve it! If I would consider buying it for myself..depends. The Breakfeast stuff which is mainly Cerals with either choclate or fruits for around 7,-€ is for me too expensive. You could get just some cereals and do a dry fruit mix or chocolate pieces in it  if you are going over a long weekend out in the wild.
The Main dishes are a tough one…the Soup was as well around 8-9,-€ and the Kebap comes for nearly 9-10,-€…mh… they were very tasteful and good – I would honestly say, the main dishes are worth it (for me), the soup was great as well, dont get me wrong, but for 9,-€  I rather go for a main dish (which has a wider taste range as well)

All in all a nice product and I will definitely get me the one or the other for several hiking, hunting or skirmish occasions.

15.04.2017 – by Logisticz and netsplit for Gruppa L

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  1. damn this loosk tasty. I really would like to try it out, but I cant find any store here in the states.
    Do you know who resells this here in the USA?

  2. I have to say i liked the twist that you let some friends taste one of those meals as well and even write it here with pictures to proof it.
    I love to read your articles even if it is something that is not really russian related.

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