Maskhalat KZM (Leto + yellow Berezka)

Today I have 2 pretty cool and affordable Russians suits for you. To be exact 2 “Maskhalat KZM suits”. – One in “Leto” and one in “yellow Berezka” camouflage. Maskhalat suits are no ordinary standard camouflage uniform. Those are meant to be worn over the regular field uniform. They are sometimes wrongly considered as “Russian sports suits” on a known online auction house and on some Russian themed forums. The Fabric used is some kind of parachute fabric, since it is draft proof and quite tear proof – not to forget extremely lightweight.

The Maskhalat shown above on the left I bought for around 35$ from Russia. Quite cheap to be honest. To put one thing right: This particular camouflage is called “Leto” and not as sometimes considered “Partisan” or even “SS-Summer”. (To be precise, SS-Summer camouflage does only consist of 3 different colors – in contrary “Leto” consist of 4 different colors). The Maskhalat on the right is a “yellow Berezka” camouflaged version, which I also bought for around 40$ off ebay from a local German private Russian military stuff seller. This was my first Maskhalat and I often use it as a “Tracksuit” to go hiking in the summer or for bicycle tours.

The Maskhalat trousers have at the end a rubber sewed in, so it fits and stays perfect on top of your field uniform. It appears that there are different Russian manufacturers when it comes to those “over-suits”. My Leto Maskhalat had no rubbers, but instead a string to tighten the ends – since this is kinda tedious and annoying I sewed a rubber inside. But this is just one of the diversities. The trouser pockets are also quite different from one to another as can be seen in the photos. The “Leto” version has only side pockets with a velcro furnished flap. On the “yellow berezka” there are regular trouser pockets, which are even in the inside camouflaged.

Differences can again be found in the top opening of the trousers. “Leto” has only a rubber band sewed in and the “yellow Berezka” has a loose rubberized with a lace to tighten integrated. (quite funny, since at the feet it is the other way around)

Breast pockets are again not alike. “Leto” got velcro flaps and “yellow Berezka” got black buttons. (The Velcro part on the “yellow Berezka” above the left pocket is custom sewed by myself, if you may wonder)

Lower pockets are more different then you may think. The “Leto” version maskhalat got sport jacket styled pockets. My guess is that because of that it got the name “Russian sports suit” on some Internet pages and forums. Funny thing though is, that the “yellow Berezka” got more jacket style open top pockets. Also it has no rubber worked in the bottom of the jacket part.


The inside of the jacket part is in both versions quite unspectacular. As you can see on the left side the “other side” of the lower pockets are black and not worked in somehow – often (as it happened to me a few times) the inside part of the pocket got stuck in the zipper, while trying to close the jacket.

A left arm/shoulder pocket is the only thing that the “yellow Berezka” Maskhalat has and the “Leto” doesn’t. (Velcro seen here is also custom sewed by myself)

I really like both Maskhalat’s – they are lightweight, don’t take much space in your backpack and have great camouflaging abilities in spring/summer. Not to forget that you can us them without any uniform or close underneath it of course. I often use them only with underwear and a T-shirt in summertimes in the field.

Great suit with a even greater price. I can recommend everyone a Maskhalat in their camouflage of their desire – and there are a lot of different camo’s from the Russian repertoire.

Here some “Real Steel” pictures from real Russian operators and soldiers:

The guy in the middle row with the 9A-91 Rifle is wearing a “Leto” Maskhalat. Here you can see very good that the color between a Maskhalat and a Partisan/Gorka E in “Leto” camo has difference in the green tone and brightness. Thats due to the thin fabric that the Maskhalat has.

Another real-life example of a Maskhalat in “Leto”.

Here a “yellow Berezka”  Maskhalat worn by a Russian VDV soldier (Airborne).

11.07.2012 – by logistciz for Gruppa L

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