Magellan MPA-4 Summer Suit (Kamysh)

kamysh intro In my long hunt for a Kamysh BDU type Suit in my size (58/5) and in somehow “mint” or “new” condition, I finally stumbled upon this sweet and high quality Magellan made MPA-4 Summer Suit on the selling section of Forums.

 The Suit came from Italy (shipping was quite steep, but still cheaper then from russia – and faster as well!) and apparently they had the size wrong (or the suit is a lot smaller then the usual suits) The size written on it was a 62 – 6 (chest: 124cm / waist: 112cm / height: 188cm) but it was more a 56/58 – 6. This fits me perfectly, even if it is slightly to long. But for this killer price of 25 Euro I can’t complain, since the MPA-4 is really brand new.

Tiger_comp_webThere are apparently little difference when it comes to kamysh camo. As you can see in the picture above every manufacturer has a slightly other color and shape in their pattern. Also Splav calls their kamysh variant “Tigr” (you often find in shops the kamysh camo under Tigr listed) The Magellan Kamysh pattern is a mix of the Splav Tigr and ANA Kamysh – just without the thin lines on some parts (as you can see in the next bunch of pictures of the MPA-4 suit)

Probably you have never heard of the Brand Magellan – thats no shame, but let me tell you that this is a premium manufacturer. Their main business sector is in high quality Military, Police, Security and Hunting Clothing. You can find them under or on the russian facebook equivalent

The retail Price of the MPA-4 is 2686 Rubel (around 60-70 Euro)


Magellan_01The Suit consists (obviously) of a Jacket and a Trouser, as you can see in the picture above.

   Since the Suit is indeed Brand new, there was still the label on it. One side shows prodly the Magellan Logo and the other side shows the type, Item no., Size. etc.

  Let start literally from the Top. The Collar is double sewn and has a velcro patch to close it and keep your throat somehow safe from draft or from dirt getting into your chest area. Cool thing though is that you can flap it open and stick it to the velcro patch, which is located on the back of it, so it stays open.

  To close the jacket you have a very strong type of zipper (reminds me of the zippers used in leather clothing) and set of 3 velcro strips in the size of 5cm in lenght. I have to add here that the Velcro type used on this suit is very strong. Behind the zipper is a extra cloth to prevent draft to cool down your body.  Also there is an extra zipper slider on the lower end, so you can unzip from below, to for e.g. stuff you shirt back in your pants without taking the whole jacket and perhaps you chestrigg/ harness off.

   On the chest you got 2 slanted pouches, which are quite big to hold a smartphone, notepad or even a folded map. Since they are slanted, you can access them quite easiley. Also here the velcro is very strong, I needed actually both hands to properly open one pocket fully. One thing i didn’t liked personally, was the fact that the camo was somehow “disrupted” since they are sewn on in a slanted position and the kamysh stripes run from top to low instead of left to right now. But it could be worse.

   On each arm is a little pocket, which is closed via 2 little velcro patches. Again here, the velcro is very strong and keeps the pocket closed by all means. Another cool idea is the little strip in the middle which you can flap out to open the pocket easier with one hand, since you only have to pull it open.

   Something I really like and is now getting more common are the extra pockets in the elbow area to put some kind of hard foam in it, so you have some extra elbow protection. Not to forget that this kind of protection does not shift and get out of place like you have with an additional elbow pad. This can get really annoying.

   The sleeves got a very generous opening, which you can adjust to you liking via the sewn on velcro strips. From very loose to very tight.

 In a classic russian style, you also have your little extra cloth to patch holes if needed inside the Jacket.

   Something I have only seen on modern Bundeswehr (German Army) BDU suits is the additional slots on the left sleeve, which are meant for pens. The positioning is perfect, so you can use your arm without interfering or feeling annoyed by the stored pens. On the back you got some extra cloth fold, which is at the conjuction of chest and arm. This is quite comfortable since when you close you arms inside the chest, you get no uncomfortable pull in the back of the jacket. This happens when you try to make pictures for your review and your cat keeps rolling itself in the MPA-4 suit. So apparently the fabric is not only comfortable for you, but also for your cat. 😀

   The Pants got a single standard size button for the main closing. There is no zipper in the crotch area, so you have to get comfortable with 3 more buttons to take a leak. This wouldn’t be so bad, if the holes weren’t so small. Probably due to the fact that the Suit is still new.

On the inside of the waistband you got a paracord like string to fasten the pants even more, if they are to loose for your waist. Also helps when you have no belt around and don’t want to keep pulling your pants up all the time.

Magellan_02On the outside of the waistband you got several loops, which are also double sewn for extra stability and durability, for your belt.

   The Trousers got some classic Pockets on the left and right side below the waistband. The entry of the pockets are also fitted with an extra layer of fabric to enhance durability in the long way.

   Of course the Cargo pockets can’t be missing on a suit like that. Like the Arm pockets there are 2 strips of velcro to keep the pockets closed. The pockets are in a folded matter sewn togehter, so they can extend somehow like a balloon if they are filled with a lot of items of your need.

   For that extra safety to not loose anything valuable from your Cargo pockets you get a elastic band with a stopper to tighten the opening even more. Cool idea!

   What is that? Another cargo style pocket? Well some kind of. There is on each leg another  small pocket in upper ankle height. The opening is also kinda slanted, for a easier access I guess. Another pair of  velcro strps keeps this little pocket closed. More pockets are alway good, am I right?

   The Pants got also the extra pocket for a hard foam piece for that extra protection in the knee area. The pockets appear to be located to low, but this is just at first glance. When you actually knee down, the pants always slides a notch up and the pocket with the hard foam is now locate perfectly in the area where it is needed. Not to forget to mention is, that the hard foam is included within this suit. Same goes for the elbow area pocket.

   The Trouser cuff got a cord worked in, so you can fasten it around your lower ankle and tug it in your boots. Simple but something I really appreciate. The Crotch and Butt area got reinforced with an extra layer of cloth, also for durability in the long run.

  In the back you got 2 pockets, on each buttcheek one, which are also double sewn and got 2 “hidden” buttons (not visible, when closed) of the same size as the main button and the fly got.


Over all I can say that the Magellan MPA-4 Suit can really stand out from the regular BDU and ACU suits. Magellan did a good job to manufacture the Suit in a high standard, in terms of quality in sewing, fabric and design and can proudly call themselves a “premium brand” when it comes to clothing. Of course I can only speak for this reviewed Suit, but I am pretty sure that this high standard can be seen on all their products.

I used the suit several times outdoor in cold and rainy conditions (around 6-10 degrees celsius) and in quite hot temperatures (around 25-38 degrees celsius). It is in any temperature region quite comfortable and you don’t tend immediatley to sweat in it, nor you get wet while using it in the rain (shower).

For the price if 25 Euros for a “Second hand” suit, this is a real steal. I would always buy it again, even for the full retail price. Not to forget that apparently Magellan does not produce this suit in the Kamysh camo anymore.


Not sure what unit this is, but probably VDV/ GRU speznas wearing a kamysh BDU type (looks like ANA Kamysh)


MVD wearing a kamysh BDU (probably ANA kamysh) with a RYS-T Helmet. 


Another bunch of MVD soldiers in Kamysh BDU’s


28.06.2013 – by Logisticz for Gruppa L

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