KWA CZ-75 (EF 75)

Today I have something not so Russian, but a real cold-war classic. To be precise – The KWA CZ-75!

To be honest, I only bought this (authentic) Airsoft Replica because it was on sale. Come on! For less then 80 Euro a full-fledged KWA GBB Pistol with NS2 system? I would be dumb as hell to pass on this.

This Authentic Gas Blow Back Airsoft Replica has already the patented NS2 System (NewSystem 2) and comes in a simple black cardboard box with cutout Styrofoam inside. There was one (1) Magazine, a bag of around 50 white 0.25g bb’s and one KWA Hop-Up adjustment Tool beside the CZ-75 itself. It has around 1 Joule of Muzzle Energy – enough for Close Quarter Situations and Battles.

The first feel and look is great – this thing is heavy! Everything, except the Pistol Grips and the outer Barrel, is made out of Metal. It feels very sturdy and nothing wobbles or appears to be loose. Hammer cocking and Trigger pull feels amazingly real for an Airsoft Gun.

On the right side of the GBB are the mandatory “F” in the pentagon and importer and caliber related markings, on the left side was an ugly white EliteForce logo, which I painted black. Actually all in all, quite decent and good looking.

My version of the KWA CZ-75 is called a “EF-75” – Main difference between the both are only the missing trademarks and realsteel markings. In Europe all KWA Guns with real trademarks and markings are imported by ASG. The ones without real markings and so on (but technically the same) are imported by UMAREX, are called “Elite Force” and have a variety in the name. For example Elite Force EF-75 instead of KWA CZ-75. Thats also the reason because this GBB was on sale and 50% cheaper then usually. The EliteForce models tend to be shelf huggers, since they have the same price as the models with real markings and trademarks. It just figures, that people tend to buy the ones with the real markings when they are the same price.

The Iron-sights are classic old-school military style – you can’t adjust anything – but actually you don’t need it anyways. I was thinking in maybe painting the bead in white or signal orange for faster target acquisition – but still without this they are quite alright.

To adjust the Hop-Up, you must lock the slide and insert the included KWA Hop-Up Tool into the cogs of the adjustment wheel, inside the case eject port. Turn left for down and right for up adjustments. Sadly the outer barrel is made out of a black plastic, which looks toyish. In contrary, the Original CZ-75 has a silver looking hammer forged Barrel. (Thankfully there are after market parts made out of Stainless Steel for this fine GBB – RA-Tech for example)

The Safety works just like the real deal does – red dot visible = ready to shoot; switch switched up – red dot not visible = Trigger and Hammer blocked.

Maybe you noticed already the strange color of the Trigger – Why is it the only part chrome plated? This is because it is authetic! The real CZ-75, CZ-75 “Pre B” (like this model) and the CZ-75 B have the same hard chrome plated trigger. Pretty cool, huh?

To take this cutie apart you must first align those two indentation (one on the Slide and one on the Frame). Now hold it aligned and pull the Slide-Lock out (press the pin from the other side with ease).

Next and last step – pull the Slide off the Frame in shooting direction. Done!

Also here, KWA made a good job and really have the right to call this an Authentic Airsoft Replica. Still can’t believe that I got this Gun for only 79 Euros! What a steal.

Here you can see both parts, the Frame to the left and the Slide to the right. On the right you can also see the Propane intake, where the GBB receives the Gas from the Magazine and the recoil Spring. Now that everything is so accessible, its easy to clean this Gun and lubricate it with solvent-free silicon oil (GBB’s need priodically lubrication, or they tend to break/leak!)

The Magazine is heavy and feels like a fully loaded realsteel Magazine, if compared. It holds 23 bb’s (again, too much for my taste – since realcap is 16 rounds in 9x19mm) and with a full Propane Tank it can shoot around 40 bb’s until it can’t cycle properly by itself. Gas can be filled at the bottom of the Magazine – like on nearly all GBB Gun/Rifle Magazines. One great thing on the KWA Magazines (also seen on other models, such as the KWA B&T MP9) is the springlock – easy to use, just pull it down until it locks (and it does so with ease – not like on WE/Marui and other systems, where it is a battle to lock the spring properly). Another Magazine will cost you around 25-30 Euros.

Shooting this baby on around 30m at a McDonalds small coffee paper cup with 0.25g King Arms Premium Grade bb’s is at around 20 degree Celsius on a sunny day with low to no wind, is a piece of cake. From 23 bb’s (full Magazine) 20 hit the mentioned target. For me the perfect Backup Gun – I just need more Mags!

I tried it also on -4 degree Celsius while snowing – no reasonable targeting, just wanted to see how long it takes to freeze the core. – I shot around 4-5 Magazines without stopping, shooting, reloading bb’s and shooting, until it started to Burst Fire 3-4 bb’s at once – after another 2 Magazines it froze completely. Quite amazing to be honest, since I always read on the Internet that GBB’s with Propane work only from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Apparently just a myth.

All in all – I really like the KWA CZ-75. In comparison to the KWA 1911 Duty One from a team colleague, this is a real KWA and does not need to be ashamed to show itself on the field. It works flawless, shoots pretty good for a Pistol and feels just like the real Gun. Not to forget this thing was just 79 Euros (around 105 US$). I would definitely buy it again. The Minor issue like the plastic outer barrel can and should be change with the aftermarket stainless steel one – not only for the more authentic look, but also to maintain a flawless experience with this well crafted GBB Pistol from KWA.

Now I have a goodie for you guys 🙂 Since my Gunclub has a real CZ-75B, which I regulary shoot on range, I can compare the Real gun with the GBB Replica.

Low left is the KWA CZ-75 and Top right is the Real czech build CZ-75 B. First, the main difference between the CZ-75 (pre B model, like KWA’s version – not the real CZ-75) and the CZ-75B is the milled and not completly round Trigger Guard, the Hammer is Round and not classic “Hammer looking”, the Bever Tail is slightly shorter then on the KWA and the minor differnces in the Slide-Lock and Safety Switch. The CZ-75B is also fitted with aftermarked Rubber Pistol Grips (Those are awesome! Will get soon those for the KWA) and the adjustable Champion Sights with fibreglass (green bead – red notch sight).

The Weight is, except for around 5-10 grams, the same (without magazine tested). The Trigger pull is amazingly also quite the same – The Hammer feels identically when dry cocking it.

First noticeable difference, is the far more harder Recoil Spring (well of course, its a real gun shooting 9x19mm and not pea shooter – in comparison) and the missing Hammer easing position when cocking just a little bit (this prevents damage to the firing pin, since the Hammer is no longer always pressing on it. – unnecessary on a GBB, but I worth mentioning). Of course the Blowback is harder then on the KWA one 😀

I will not go more into detail on the functions and Origins of the Real Gun, since this still about the Airsoft GBB from KWA.

I am pretty sure most of you never heard nor seen a CZ-75, not to mention to claim that this particular Gun was never used by any Russian Unit/Force or what so ever. Well wrong! A lot KGB (now FSB) Agents used the CZ-75 as Duty Weapon during the Cold-War in Europe.

One big example is the Movie “Sum of all Fears” – In above seen Scene, where two KGB Agents chase this guy down in the woods and execute him with a CZ-75 “pre B”.

Another Movie, which shows a Soviet VDV (Airborne) Officer holding a CZ-75 “pre B” is the Movie “Red Dawn”.

And last but not least – Sasha, the Main Villian in “Behind Enemy Lines” is also dual wielding (besides a Beretta 92FS) a CZ-75B.

This are just some excerps, which shows that the “not so russian” CZ-75 can totally pass as an “russian loadout” Gun.


06.07.2016 – by Logisticz for Gruppa L

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