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After a Month full of work, I finally could manage to take my time to write this long overdue Review.

Today I have the ultimate High Visible Armband Replica for you ALFA/FSB fanatics. The great detail makes this armband a nearly perfect replica of the SSO/SPOSN HiViz Armbands, which you crave after seeing all those sweet Pictures and Videos on Russia Today, Ria Novosti and Co.



GCTactical stands for German Custom Tactical and is located in Germany – just for clarify things in the beginning. This Company does – like the name implies – custom stuff for your tactical need. From A like Armbands over C like Chestriggs to W like Wallets and such.

Now to the armband: FSB-Armband_3


The total Size of the Armband is 50cm x 10cm. Both Sides are made of high quality reflective and fluorescent fabric. It fits all arm sizes due to its elastic bands, which are worked in between – just like with the SSO/SPOSN Armband which the pro’s use.

One side is in the typical yellow/silver reflective and fluorescent color…


…and the other side is in a very bright reflective and fluorescent orange.

Above you can see our “old” armband, which you may recognize from our “Quantum Physics for Russian Soldiers?” post.

FSB-Armband_6Here you can see the elastic bands, next to the heavy duty Velcro (which you can’t see right now). This makes it possible to get a tight fit on you arm and even gives you the space for your biceps and triceps muscles to flex without getting uncomfortable. Thumbs up!

FSB-Amrband_7In this close-up picture you can see the heavy duty Velcro. It has the size of 14cm x 10cm with the female/soft part on the yellow/silver side and the male/hard part on the orange side.

On the Orange Side there is even a smaller strip after the elastic band, so it keeps tight, if you got small/thin arms.

FSB-Amrband_8Here you can see the GCTactical High-Viz Armband next to our ‘old’ armband from the “Quantum Physics for Russian Soldiers?” Post under UV Light. As you can see it got also some great fluorescent attributes and appears even a little brighter then the small one.

FSB-Armband_9And again the orange side for comparison under UV-light. Love it!

FSB-Armband_10 FSB-Armband_11

FSB-Armband_12 FSB-Armband_13Some picture of me using the GCTactical High-Viz Armband at daylight – there are no Filters added to the pictures, so this is as real as it gets in terms of color and visibility!

FSB-Armband_14Here you can see the original SSO/SPOSN armband just for comparison. Not sure for what this ‘flap’ is above – I’ll guess it is for storing it and keeping it save from any scratches which may affect the reflective layer – but again, just guessing.


Did you know that those armbands are all handmade? Just by one guy and not a factory hall full of chinese children? Yep, it is true and this person is called Sven.

Sven is from Germany and has a pretty gifted hand in terms of craftmansship – as you can see 🙂 He also makes different pouches, chestriggs and other stuff like wallets – most of the patterns are made by himself or are requested from a customer. A big turn-on for most of you guys would be those sweet-sweet FORT Pouches replicas Sven recently created.


Well now back to the armbands, before I get more distracted.


I am really, really happy with the armband and it completes my FSB Spetzgruppa Alfa outfit perfectly. It just looks like the real deal and is with a price of 21,95 Euros + Shipping affordable for everyone. – Not to mention that you even now have a chance to get you hands on it! Oh, and of course Sven Ships worldwide 😉

If you feel like us and need this last little item to complete your FSB outfit, or just want it to use for motorbiking or other activities, where you need to be visible to other people, then open your E-mail account and write an email to:

or visit GCTactical Official Facebook page

FSB_Armband_15Price per Armband:           21,95 Euros + Shipping

Huge Thanks to GCTactical for sending us the High-Viz Armband!!!

Now some real life examples, as usual.:

FSB-Armband_15I can’t remember right, but I am pretty sure those are SOBR guys using the slightly different variant with a orange/silver and a yellow side Armband.

FSB-Armband_18FSB ALFA Operators wearing the SSO/SPOSN armbands with the Yellow/Silver side visible (as you should see by yourself).

FSB-Armband_17A very good example how visible those armbands are even at large distance. Not sure what unit this is. My guess is MVD.

FSB_Armband_19TSSN Vityaz at a training exercise – courtesy of Mr. Vitaly V. Kuzmin (you should check his blog as well, for some awesome pictures! – But Russian or Google English only)

FSB-Armband_16FSB ALFA again – lovely picture, and shows again the visability of the armband trough this dusty enviroment.

Here again a Big Thanks to Sven from German Custom Tactical for sending me this armband!!!

15.01.2013 – by Logisticz for Gruppa L


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