Well as I promised when I did the WE AK PMC and KWA CZ 75 Review back then in December ’12 and January ’13, here comes the (maybe?) long awaited conclusion or better said re-review of both mentioned GBB Rifle and Pistol…..

we-ak-pmc-kwa-cz75There they are…don’t they look great? Both heavily used and battle scarred, like if they want to tell their stories of their adventures and battles. But, looks can be deceiving – or not?

kwa-cz75_03Ahh…there “she” is – probably my best Airsoft gun in my Arsenal. Why? You will soon know why 🙂 As you can see I modified the slide with som custom Cyrillic “markings”, since this is the cheaper EF 75 (rebranded KWA by Umarex – read the review here) and it does not come with any markings at all, I felt like I had to touch it a little up in a special way.

kwa-cz75_00Time had its finger aswell on this gun – you see all the edges worn out in terms of the black paint and there is still dirt in the grip from the last use(es).

kwa-cz75_06 kwa-cz75_05The first thing I upgraded after the markings, was the outer barrel. I bought the RA-Tech stainless Steel outer barrel since the original black plastic outer barrel became a problem to me. This happend after a MilSim Event (Borderwar 5) when i hugged the ground for getting in cover and layed in sand. Those sand grains were so small that they went between the slide and the outer Barrel. I had a lot of jams and even after cleaning it at home the outer barrel got so many groves that it kept somehow jaming time after time. To be hones, I decided to buy the Stainless Steel outer barrel already when i got the CZ 75 – it just never was on stock. After that change the CZ 75 kept it promise and performed until this day smoothlier then ever.

KWA-cz7501gifSomehow I lost during a game the above circled pin – but i performs flawless even without it and that for over a year now.

kwa-cz75_01 kwa-cz75_02Since the standard Ironsight honestly suck (military style without any dots or else) I used some kick ass Glow in the Dark color from DuraCoat, which a Teammember of ours bought. To be fair, it didn’t kept its long glowing time capacity but it still glows enough in transitions from dark rooms to outdoors aswell as the “whiteish” base color helps alot in aiming in comparision to the standard.

kwa-cz75_09 kwa-cz75_10The Slide itself likes it lubricated well – I use silicon oil for all my GBB’s and I re-lubricate then when I think it is time to do it again (I always have a small spray can with me when I go to Events) Nozzle and Hop-Up rubber are still doing their jobs well. No complaints so far. There appears to be some kind of rust on the slide spring, but it isn’t.

kwa-cz75_13kwa-cz75_12 kwa-cz75_15The Internals look great and everything works great. I also lost while disassembling it the spring for the safety lever, so now it is just a switch with no indication – it still keeps it on safe, but the switch does not keep in place very well – at least not in the holster or pocket – in hand it does.

kwa-cz75_07 kwa-cz75_08I got 4 Mags for this cutie, since I also love to use it as Primary, due to the fact that I can be as lightweight and fast as Flash Gordon himself. You see the Mags from newest aquired (left) to oldest (right) which came with the CZ 75. When I bought the CZ 75, it was kinda hard to get some extra mags, since mysteriously there were literally everywhere out of stock. They perform all great and haven’t got any leakage – I always keep the stored half to complete full with green gas. On the right pic you see those groves that interact with the guns Magrelease/holding mechanism. They still are doing theres job, since this was one of my first concers it will have sooner or later. Somehow I have the feeling that the Magrelease button/spring itself is kinda “weak” – I constantly have the fear of losing a mag while holstered. But my Holster is also a soft one, made only out of fes layers of Cordura and probalby that doesn’t help that alot. ^^

kwa-cz7502gifI dropped one of the Mags (the oldest one) directly on the pavement with the buttplate/upper left corner (as seen on the picture above) and those two notches, circled in red, broke off – so the buttplate can not be slided on to the mag anymore – In my luck, it isn’t even necessary – it appears to be just cosmetic wise there. But this shows me and us that the mags are actually pot metal – to be fair it fell from my chest region height (1.40-1.50m) on to the pavement so it was indeed a hard landing. Ah, and I lost one of the sealing rings/gaskets for the lower Gas insertion port – but not a big deal though…


Would I buy this gun again? – Definitley! To be honest I thought already in buying a second one when I find some bargain again. I really like the CZ 75. It fits my hands (M size) perfectly, I like the weight, precision, blowback, etc. After using it now nearly 2 years priviliged, I can’t complain at all. It was good choice and i can still recommend it. The only complains are not fair, since this is a GBB Gun and the temperature related problems are the bitter swee taste of the GBBs. I had one issue where it was over 40 degrees Celsius and I couldn’t refill the mags anymore, because they got so hot… but thats ok 🙂



we-ak-pmc_00The RA-Tech refined version of WE’s long barrel AK variant known and sold as the PMC is probably the greatest Rifle I had and played with until now. And I am probably right, if I say that a lot of our team members that played with it at some skirmishes can approve that. As you can see above and saw on the picture at the beginning, there has been a lot of changes from the stock WE PMC AK variant. You can see the “out of the box” AK PMC in my first review (click here)

20130330_020923I had it even only for one Event outfitted with real wood furniture (which i did myself!) and a RPG PGO-7 scope for spotting, in a Mujahideen style look. Just because I can. 😛 (bare with me, its an old picture)

20130206_021418I did even an AK-108 with GP-30 grenade launcher variant (and wrong muzzlehider  – I know!) But I finally found my perfect solution and feel in what it is right now.

we-ak-pmc_01I will start with the butt stock – and lets not forget this is a conclusion how it has performed the last 2 years and still performs!  I change quite soon the butt stock with an CTR Magpul style butt stock, which I bought on some Chinese page for 7 Bucks  – yes 7 United States Dollar. Its ridiculous good though! It got some light wobble now after nearly 2 years, but damn that thing does it job well. You still can use all 6 positions for the Butt stock on the Tube and it got only some scratches from sliding it from position to position (short for storage – long for shooting it)

we-ak-pmc_02 we-ak-pmc_14If you belife it or not, I still have the QD swivel – I guessed I would loose it immediately, but nope  – that sucker is still there. Well I never use it and I will probably remove it since it makes a “clink-clank” noise when moving silently, which annoys me an probably could give my position away in a CQB situation. I changed the Pistolgrip, but more on that later. There are some rust spots all over the receiver and cover, thats due to the fact that I used the gun several time under rainy condition and didn’t cared much for conserving or even drying it off, oh well… But I like the real used look though 😛 You also maybe remember the Buffer tube wobble in my first review. Well it still kept it promise with the Loc-Tite I applied – no wobble and loosening at all 🙂

we-ak-pmc_03The Boltcarrier/Bolt (more like nozzle carrier) is still in good shape and hasn’t crumbled yet. Since it is made out of pot metal, I thought this will be one of the first things to die – not to forget due to the fact this AK got some mean recoil. The Fire Selector does still it job – it does not likes the Full Auto postion really, since the recoil makes it lower slowly to semi-auto. I corrected that little flaw with bending the selector against the receiver (with top cover taken off) just a little bit…You can also see those little rusty spots everywhere.

we-ak-pmc_01gif we-ak-pmc_09The only thing that broke off was the gastube lever, which keeps the gastube locked – but to be fair this was 100% my fault. It was all wobbly and I thought I could do the same trick like I did with the Fire selector – bending it a little bit….WRONG – it broke of and as punishment I cut my finger pretty deep. That happens if you try to bend pot metal parts…At least it does not wobble anymore – and the gastube still stays in place.  As you can see aswell, I did change the lower handguard with a Zenit B10 Railed Handguard from Asura Dynamics (bought it second hand – yes I am a cheapskate with some things :D) . I can tell you those replicas are the bomb! lighweight, sturdy – real space age shit – and it feels great! I can recommend it all the way! (But it will need some dremel action to fit your PMC right) I got a cheap chinese forward grip aswell there – a big one, since I feel more comfortable shooting it this way (but I do not hold it like a pistol, I put my thumb on the upper rail – for your informaiton)

we-ak-pmc_04 we-ak-pmc_10I kept the upper railed gas tube which came with the PMC , since it looks “aggressive” and I like it more while using the forward grip, due to the fact it is lower then the standard gas tube (which I had aswell installed for a brief time). I changed the Gasport to an AK74 style gasport to fit the 5.45×39  mags I bought and use. I am not sure what brand or from what gun it came, since I bought a bunch of second hand parts on Red Alliance back then. Maybe Dboys maybe LCT – not sure at all. The outer Barrel ist still the stock one (same goes for the inner barrel, which is a RA-Tech 6.01mm) The Precision is amazing – I can bust somebody still at 50-55m without problem (only wind related or bad aiming – but it shoots like a laser – almost). The Cleaing Rod is totally coverd in rost spots – just the way i like it – I never used it and I never cleaned my barrel as far as I remember. I guess you will anyway just scratche the shit out of your inner barrel with that thing if you try to clean it.

we-ak-pmc_06 we-ak-pmc_11Since I changed the Mags and the gasport I had to change the frontsight and Muzzle aswell…so i did! Again, I don’t know from where or what gun it is. It fits (with some tape below, since the outer barrel was to small in width, but not much). And I really like the wear on both, from carrying it on the back and the muzzle chafing on the fabric of the clothes I wear.

we-ak-pmc_12 we-ak-pmc_13Of course the sights got a new treatment aswell. I used the same Glow in the Dark Duracoat color for the rear sight – looks kinda disgusting, like old parmesan cheese. For the front sight, or better, the bead i used some bright orange, since it gives in my opinion a great contrast, even in not so good lit areas. we-ak-pmc_19Here is better view of the bead. I really like using the ironsights on a AK and I have very rarely used an optic/red dot. But I will get one especially for this PMC soon – Just not sure which one I’ll get – I have several in mind – one is not that cheap and the other not that easy to obtain and so on. But you will soon find out 😉

we-ak-pmc_07As mentioned before – I change the pistol grip aswell – I bought over a year ago a resin casted Zenit Pistol Grip, waaay before Asura dynamics and others started to do replicas, from some dude on Red Alliance – I think it was around 50 USD + shipping from Poland. The cast is pretty good – I am sure it is alot heavier then the original alloy one, but its ok, and as said before, that was the only way to get one besides ordering one from Zenit and have all the hazzle with customs and expensive shipping and no 100% gurantee you will receive it. I like the ergonomics and of course the look. It needed aswell some modification, but thats was no barrier for me/us (thx to netsplit).

we-ak-pmc_08This one is maybe more intresting for the german readers: The law required markings (F in a pentagon) is still visible – even with all those rust related “issues”. I thought in trying to sand it a little down by hand and get a clear coat over that “F”, to preserve it for the future.

we-ak-pmc_15Intrestingly enough – the inner side of the top cover is like new – no rust, no wear, no nothing.

we-ak-pmc_16 we-ak-pmc_23Now finally to the “guts” of this gun. I haven’t had any problems – well I am sorry guys but the RA-Tech Steel have no issued at all unitl now – besides that littel rust film (since its not stainlees steel) I can’t complain about those relevant parts. The Bolt/Boltcarrier lost its paint on the back, where it pushes the Hammer back into locking position, but thats all to it.

we-ak-pmc_22 we-ak-pmc_18Here some pictures from above – you can see that the anodized coating is not persistent. And yes – I will clean that rifle, from the inside after seing those pictures 0o You can litterally see all those pot metal flakes all over in there.

we-ak-pmc-02gif we-ak-pmc_17I had some issues with that screw shown above – I am not 100% sure if it is the hop-up rubber holding screw or not, but thats the only thing it can be. However, this screw kept coming up – in terms of unscrewing it self little by little and annoyingly jaming the bolt/boltcarrier when it wanted to feed the bb and go back into the main position after a shot. it was like 1-2mm which are always missing – but the bad thing is, when you then shoot, it first happens nothing – you don’t know why, so you inentionally try to rock the handle and give it another go. BUT! When you touch the charging handle it will kick you so hard in the hand/fingers that you are tempted to throw it at the floor in pain and anger. However it took a while at the first time to find out what the problem is/was. but now I just need to screw it back in and BAM – ready to go again. – To clarify, the orange/brownish flakes you can see on the right picture below the hop-up chamber is not rust! It is the paint that keeps chufing off from my Fakelite mags – more on the mags later on.

Speaking of Hop-Up Rubber – just recently in the last game the intergrity of the hop-up was busted – bb’s kept rolling out the front – even while holding the barrel up and shooting – I founded a cheap and simple solution that time, where i didn’t had any spare rubber (well for the Rifle I haven’t :P) on hand. Full Auto – The BB’s fly out so fast, that they don’t have time to roll out. I burned my mags quite fast, but it kept me in the game and playing. I just orderd a bunch of replacement rubbers and will change it when they arrive from the far east 🙂

we-ak-pmc_20 we-ak-pmc_21The lower part of the Rifle looks “good” – well a bit rusty, but thats ok. I have one more “problem” with that rifle, but again it was 100% my fault. When I got it new and I bought my first 5.45×39 mag, I just orderd a real bakelite mag with it – I was so impatient to see how it will look that I rocked the real mag inside the GBBR. At first it fitted perfectly, but when I tried to retract it, it kept stuck. As stubborn as I am I just wiggled and pulled it with force out, breaking a tiny little lever. At first I had no clue what it was, so i didn’t cared so much about it. But sooner or later I found out that it was the lever, which interacted with the Mags to tell the “gun” that the mag is empty and you get the “klick” instead of “bang”  – it took away some of the immersion this gun gives you, but it is still playable. You hear it when it is empty and you see it aswell when no bb’s fly out of the barrel. But still – I tried to find a sparepart but I couldn’t find it and no retailer could help me aswell.. Its the part number 97 in relation with the manual’s explosion drawing – I thought in filing this part by my self out a small steel or alloy piece, since it got a simple shape and I kept the part that broke off in a littel plastic bag as reference.

we-ak-pmc_25 we-ak-pmc_24As it turned out, the WE AK 5.45×39 mags are a little bigger then the original ones, so my project in turning them into realsteel bakelite was a waste of money and time (since I still tried it with all force). I later rememberd the idea of “fakelite” – which is just a painted mag, which looks, thanks to some special techniques, like real bakelite (or at least as close as it gest) I tried it on 2 of my mags, since I am huge fan of Bakelite mags and they are often still used by russian special forces for holding for e.g. armor piercing bullets (to differentiate from normal bullets without tape or other special markings). I really like how they turned out and I prefer them as my first 2 mags I use when I play with the WE ex-PMC.

we-ak-pmc_29 we-ak-pmc_28I have a total of 5 mags, this is in my opinion enough to take part in a game. Regarding the leaking problem most people are afraid of, I have only 1 Mag which leaks out from the exit valve. But only because my buddy (thx netsplit!) had this mag stored for few weeks without gas. But thats no problem, because I only need to unscrew the exit valve and clean it properly and maybe let it soak (the gasket) in silicon oil and screw back in. Over all, no issues yet. The Buttplate are also a bit rusty and they kept falling off easily –  I lost one already, I fixed this problem very cheap and easy. Just take some pliers and squeeze the sides with it, on several locations, so it isn’t loose anymore. Works like a charm!

we-ak-pmc_27 we-ak-pmc_26Last but not least – One thing that scared me the most. As I said in the main review already, the locking lips from the mags are made out of plastic (only on the 5,45×39 mags) and I was 100% sure they will die rapidly. I was wrong, they did get some wear and do not look anymore like new one, but maybe this is also from being able to rock them without fail or retry in the Rifle. I don’t know, I can only say that mine are all ok – those 2 are the “worst” of all –  the black one got this crack (probably from dropping it).

we-ak-pmc_03gifI somehow did manage to loose one of those levers for setting the magazine to “blank mode”, where you can shoot without bb’s loaded (well I can anyways, thanks to the little lever I forcefully broke off, as mentioned before) You can see the missing lever on the black Magazine.

I have to add something that a friend of mine happend with his WE AK Mags. He got a WE AK74UN in stock condition and he first managed to break a mag completly because he tried to stick it in the weapon wrongly – he sticked it way to deep in the Rifle (lol) so that the locking lips couldn’t get a grip at all. It was useless after that because the upper part cracked away (speaking of the plastic) Other story was that his mag (aswell a plastic 5.45×39 mag) Just randomly exploded while it was in the Rifle. It was huge Bang and there was 2 parts of the mag – the upper part kept stuck in the Rifle (if i remember right) and the lower part of the mag was stuck in the ground – it was literly stuck in the ground (forrest soil) This could’ve gone also wrong and somebody could’ve got hurt. Well as said before, he also managed to break one mag by wrongly putting in it the rifle. So I don’t know if that particular mag was already damaged and it was just a matter of time until it burst in “green gas”. I am not sure, but I think someone did filmed it by accident with a GoPro or a Contour cam – I will try to investigate that and if I get a clip I will upload it and put a link in here.



Would I buy this Rifle again? – I think I would. There is nothing out there in the GBB market that can be compared to the WE AK PMC (of course speaking about the RA-Tech enhaced version) in MY Opinion. I had the oppurtunity to play with a GHK GBB and it was not bad, but the full travel bolt and that huge recoil in comparision is it worth to me to have bought and own this gun. I had so many great matched/skirmishes and events with it. People are still baffled at the loud sound it makes and the recoil it has. Also I think this is the best (including the SVD and shorter AK74UN) GBB Rifle WE has made until now.  I hope i could help once more everybody, who is on the fence about buying one or is just curious on how it has performed yet.

One last thing I have to add… Of course you have to take care of your GBB guns and treat them well and maintain them, they wear, they need lubrification and they should be cleaned from time to time (as i do with my CZ 75, and as I should more with my PMC) Take Care of your stuff and it will reward you with long lasting reliabilty. This goes for everything, not only your Guns and Rifles.


Cheers – Logisticz

Gruppa-L Logisticz

12.10.2014 – by Logisticz for Gruppa L

6 thoughts on “Re-Review:

  1. Great Re-Review

    We have 4 WE AKS-74UN in our team, soon to be more. It really is an uber awesome gun, imho the best airsoft gun out there.

    The recoil is out of this world (specially when using MapPro gas) and it somehow manages to be precise even with cooldown. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies though. One of them came with the right side of the receiver bent outwards, so it made the cycling a little odd, and prevented the full auto position from clicking in. Just some work with hammer and pliers and it was shooting like a charm.

    All of them had some stock part braking off after only a couple hundred rounds (hammer, firing pin, valve locker…) We take great care of our guns, but a reinforced trigger group is a must. I’ve found Hephaestus one to be better, as it required less work to make it fit perfectly (also is a little cheaper)

    As for your broken parts, you might want to contact CWI Airsoft (, they can get you any spare part you require from WE, G&G and other factories 🙂

    • Thanks Dimitry!

      Yes, the WE AK series is indeed a Beast in terms of GBBR. I have no experience with the Hephaestus parts, but I will keep this in mind for our Teammembers, thx.

      Funny, I had the same issue with the bent lower receiver, after I threw myself in cover in a game. But as you said, just a littel hammering and BAM its ready to rock again (I even sanded the profile a bit, so the Bolt “glides” better on Lower receiver)

      Thansk alot for the Link to CWI Airsoft – I will definitely contact them!


    • They are plotted using foil and then secured with clear coat.
      Most copy shops offers plotter service for a few Euros, however the plotter needs to be somewhat accurate (I used a silhouette cameo)

  2. Guten Morgen!
    Its Lucas here again 😉
    Awesome review. Made me and a couple of guys buy the AK 74 PMC fully upgraded from RA-Tech’s Taiwan Store:

    I really don’t like the original flash hider that comes with the gun thou. Looks weak and strange. No strong powerful lines. The one you are using is really good looking and it is matching the guns overall shape really well, very harmoniously.

    My question thou: Is the threading on the Flash Hinder standard airsoft 14mm CCW (CounterClockWise – unnatural way to screw it on) or is it CW (ClockWise – normal way to screw it on)?.


    So thank you!

    • I found a forum where a guy wrote: “FLASH HIDERS: most will work properly depending on the depth of threading in the flash hider. We-Tech has made the threading length 3/4″ of an inch long instead of (1/4″) you’d typically find on their AR platform, making it hard to fit the entire flash hider snug and pretty sometimes. It is also 14mm Counter Clock Wise so you shouldn’t have a problem with installing your favorite sound maker.”

      So yeah, the will fit as long as they are 14mm CCW.


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