RAPTOR PKP Airsoft is a real thing

After all the hype and 3D CAD pictures on Facebook and the Protype at the IWA it is finally out – the Raptor PKP Pecheneg is a real thing!

First in disbelief I read the news on Raptors Facebook page and even more I was wondering when we in Germany will be able to lay our hands on this beautiful hunk of metal.

pew pew pew

As for now there are no news about an German Importer – but for you international guys you can surely get at least the kit at redwolfairsoft and other international sellers like Airsoft GI.

******** UPDATE ******** UPDATE ******** UPDATE ******** UPDATE ******** UPDATE 
Germany has one exclusiv retailer since of October 2017!
delivery will be around end of December 2017


Apparently Raptor  have already some more ideas and are willing to expand on their new created platform of the “PKP Pecheneg”

On their Facebook page are already some pictures of 3D CAD and pre-rendered models of some tactical additions, like 22mm rails and foregrip systems

When we get our hands on the PKP Raptor we will surely be pleased to tell you our 2 cents about it – if it is as good as Raptor tells and such.

Stay tuned!

08.08.2017 – by Logisticz for Gruppa L