IWA 2014 Summary


Once again after email correspondence with few exhibitors from this years IWA Exhibition and finally some free time, even if AGAIN, a bit late, I can proudly inform you about the new things and exhibitors we encountered. Sadly due to some SD-card issues we lost a lot of pictures 🙁

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TVT – Archer TMQ-19

TMQ-19_titleToday I got something pretty special for you. Not a review, but a preview of the Archer TMQ-19 made by TVT – Thermal Vision Technologies (ТОВ – Термал Вижн Текнолоджис)

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PNV-57E (ПНВ-57E) night vision

After the gen. 0 NSP-2 (НСП-2) and the gen. 1 Cyclop-1 (Циклоп-1) night visions, it is obviously time for a review of a gen 1+. night vision 🙂

Speaking of which, as you might have already guessed by the title it is the PNV-57E (ПНВ-57E) this time. As mentioned it is a second generation true stereo night vision device we are talking about. True stereo meaning it uses two separate imaging tubes, one for each eye.
It was developed during the mid 80s by the Novosibirsk instrument-making plant (Новосибирского приборостроительного завода) as a successor/update to the PNV-57.
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Magellan MPA-4 Summer Suit (Kamysh)

kamysh intro In my long hunt for a Kamysh BDU type Suit in my size (58/5) and in somehow “mint” or “new” condition, I finally stumbled upon this sweet and high quality Magellan made MPA-4 Summer Suit on the selling section of Red-Alliance.net Forums.

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VSO Anorak Medusa

cover medusa

Today I want you to introduce you to a quite new Company called VSO (витязь спецоснащение // Vityaz Special Purpose) which is a Belarusian Company with their distribution Office located in Warsaw, Poland. They produce different Apparel like Gorkas, Maskhalats, Hats, Helmet Covers and Equipment like Harnishes and Assault Backpacks in a huge variation of camouflage Patterns. Actually Greg, from the UK office of VSO, told us that you can order anything they offer in the desired camouflage Pattern, even Western Camo like Marpat/Cadpat.

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WE ACE-VD (SVD / Dragunov)

The SVD is arguably the first real DMR (designated marksman rifle) ever build. In fact the Soviet Union was the first nation to utilize the concept of a squad sniper decades before any other. Today the term used most often for that role is Designated Marksman.

This review will cover the SVD GBBR by WE called ‘ACE-VD‘.
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