Orsis T-5000 against the IS?

In short: Recent rumors suggest a possible arms deal between Iraq and Russia.
The supposed deal is said to include 1000 Orsis T-5000 sniper rifles as well as a couple KSVK anti materials rifles.
As we have some connections to the manufacture we decided to see if we can get any statement or evidence from them. And as it turns out, there is!

Orsis T-5000 (0)
After this photo of Fadhil Jalil al-Barwari (Major General and commander of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces) holding an Orsis T-5000 appeared on social networks speculations about another Russian arms deal began.


That is right.
Earlier this year Iraq and Russia already signed a pretty large deal including 15 Mi-28 Havoc,
28 Mi-35M Hind-E and Pantsir-S1.

After the US invasion in 2003, Iraq has been almost exclusively buying weapons from the US. They even became one of the top importers for US made weapons in the world. However it appears that the US lost some of their influence over the last year as the mentioned deals are certainly not in Washington’s interest .

Going back to military hardware of the ‘eastern block’ seems to be a major trend as there was yet another deal for various handheld weapons with Serbia, which is one of Russia’s main allies.

Back to Orsis:
Their media representative would neither confirm nor deny any supposed deal upon our request.

Anyhow another Orsis employee (which we will not name 😉 ) informed us that they indeed did receive an order about 1000 rifles chambered in 338 Lapua Mag for Iraq.

Suddenly I remembered an odd thing about about one of the Orsis rifles shown at the IWA exhibition this year. At the time I did not think any further about it, but given the current circumstances it makes perfect sense. See for yourself:

Orsis T-5000 (2) Orsis T-5000 (1)
So we asked to see the military version of the rifle and one of their employees presented us this rifle. Nothing unsular so far, right?

Orsis T-5000 (3) Orsis T-5000 (4)
Now check out the markings on the photo above!

They read: “ORSIS / IQ0492 (Orsis factory mark) / .338 Lapua Mag.)
The interesting part is the serial number, which is used to mark the destination and number of the rifles.

While IQ is the country code for Iraq, the four digit serial (with incremental numbers) proves that they are planning to produce at least 1000 pieces for that order.
Also the caliber matches up with the information we got from the Orsis employee.

So at this point it is pretty safe to say that there is in fact a second arms deal.

Also check out the demonstration video in which the rifle can be seen among the KSVK ‘Kord’ and SVD:


27.10.2014 – by netsplit for Gruppa L

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