Follow-up to the Lebedev PL-14:
The new PL-15!

The PL-14 has been updated and is now listed as PL-15 by Concern Kalashnikov!
Remember the article about the PL-14 last year? If not you should read it prior to the following.

While the general technical characteristics:

  • Caliber: 9x19mm
  • Barrel length: 207mm
  • Height: 136mm
  • Thickness: 28mm
  • Weight (unloaded): 800g
  • Magazine capacity: 15

stayed the same the pistol underwent a few changes that resulted in its new designation: The PL-15.

I will not focus about the general idea and design of the pistol, since that has all been covered in the PL-14 article.

So what was changed? Obviously the pistol allows the use of a silencer now, which has always been an important factor in the Russian mindset.

Howsoever the pistol was also changed on the inside. As a police/military it was decided to use a DAO (double action only) system, which is not uncommon.
Yet those system usually have a pretty long trigger pull and the PL-14 was no exception. This has been greatly improved on the PL-15. The trigger reset is a nimble 7mm, which (for a DAO pistol) is extremely short. I am not quite sure how this was accomplished, it could work be similar to Glocks Safe Action System. But then again, it wouldn’t make sense to market it as a DAO pistol. In the end it might just be another Russian gunsmith black magic.
Furthermore all controls were made ambidextrous, as it should be these days.
A loaded chamber indicator was also added, making the pistol an even safer design.

With those recent changes one would assume that the pistol has been fully developed (hence the new designation I suppose) and could enter service.

For sporting use the trigger weight of 4kg is too much, but for IPSC it might be alright.

Either way it is a gorgeous pistol, which unfortunately has lost its elegant wood furniture. But was to be expect of a police/military sidearm.

Today’s goodie:
A video of the designer (Lebdev) explaining the pistol.

14.10.2017 – by netsplit for Gruppa L

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The new PL-15!

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