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Another year passed and another great IWA Exhibition took place. With 1455 exhibitors and over 45000 visitors from around 120 Nations the IWA 2016 broke again all record participations. We also had the opportunity for the first time to take part of the Enforce Tac 2016 – as the name suggests – an Exhibition for Law Enforcement, Security and Tactical Solutions, which was very interesting.

We finally had the chance to take advantage of all 3 full days (Friday till Sunday) of the IWA and also 1 bonus day attending the Enforce Tac on Thursday. This gave us the possibility to have enough time to see everything (that we care for) and be able to deepen into conversation with a lot of exhibitors, including VOMZ, LCT, Kizlyar Supreme, Morakniv and many more!

IWA_EnforceTac2016_01I prefer to start in a somehow chronological way. Both of us were kinda “baffled” that the Enforce Tac only consist of 2 small exhibition halls in comparison to the other halls, which were currently still in movement and preparation for the IWA.

Our first curious stop was at a booth exhibiting the Throwbot “drone”. This is a simple drive-able, low noise generating, drone with a Camera attached to it. It also has some light sensitive sensors, which automatically turns IR lights on when driving it into “darker” spots. The interesting thing with this device are the super simple controls. You got this big remote with 2 antennas (1 for steering signal and 1 for the camera signal), 1 ~7x5cm monochromatic display and 1, yes one, joystick (which reminded me of the Xbox/Playstation analog sticks).

P1070958Since this drone got only 2 wheels, this thing steers like a tracked vehicle in terms of one wheel rotates slower than the other to make a turn. Pushing the joystick forward moves it forward, backwards back, etc. If you want to dim the display you press it in and move up for more and down for less brightness. You also got an additional video and audio output on the side. Sadly due to overcrowding we weren’t able to talk to the engineer, who designed and made this drone. I have no idea on the pricing, nor if it is available for civilians.

Check out the video we made of the drone.

P1070940The next interesting Item on display was this “heavily” modified Tippmann A5 Paintball gun, which is produced by a company called “Mission”, which is in fact a less lethal department for law enforcement from Tippmann itself. They modified the A5 with a new lower receiver, which got a mechanical trigger, HPA tank under the barrel, needs no batteries and got around 70 yards (64 m) range. It can precisely “headshot” within 30 yards (27 m) easily. US law enforcements are already using these.

P1070947Also they produce their own glass breaking balls, rubber balls (soft for training and hard for less lethal use) and “pepperballs” with different potent mix – interesting enough is the fact that they have a solid plastic shell and are therefore not sensible to any wet or humid weather.

P1070975Another cool thing was this array “multi functional launcher” made by an Israeli company with electrical ignition, which fires 18,5×55 ammunition manufactures by OSA. The designation for this device is for example at borders or fences, so you can react immediately against any means necessary and “buy” yourself some time until your units are deployed. There was also a tactical shield with this launcher unit built in.

P1070985Several types of ammunition are available (for Law enforcement only) as shown above. OSA have als a handheld Pistol launcher (2 and 4 barrel variant), called OSA PB 4-1 and 4-2, for their ammunition, which is widely used by a lot of special forces around the world. For Germany there is a necessity of a police permit, if you want to buy such a pistol.

P1080049But! They have a more simple device, called the Pyrodefender, for which you do not need any permit to buy it. It got a 3 round “magazine” with “flashbang cartridges” which is pretty loud with around 135 db. To clarify something – all OSA “launcher/pistols” work without any battery, etc., but instead with a piezo unit, igniting the cartridges/ammunition, which makes them very versatile and also insensitive to any weather condition whatsoever. The Pyrodefender is also widely used by police and security forces. MSRP is around 100,- € and cartridges comes in a 3×3 pack for around 20,- €.

P1070986  FSS-014Lamp
As we passed around the aisle of the halls, we did noticed this kinda familiar, helmet mounted, multipurpose light (left picture). It reminded us of the FSS-014 Lamp (right picture), which is part of the “Ratnik” future soldier program of the Russian forces. As we approached the exhibitioner of the resembling similarity, we have just been told that their product have been designed before the Russian light and that the Russians “probably” copied it.. well…ok…

SX-1 MTRThe next, most interesting item on display was this sniper rifle from Ritter&Stark, which reminded us immediately somehow of the Orsis T5000. To be straightforward, it isn’t really an Orsis, or is it? Check out our article covering the whole story behind this rifle, called the SX-1 MTR (Modular Tactical Rifle). Just read it 🙂

P1070991We found a pretty cool thermal fusion device from Andres Industries, which can be used with any older gen night vision devices. You just clip/clamp it on, calibrate it via dials and are ready to use your upgraded thermal fusion. This is a pretty great and affordable idea, since a lot of people already own NVGs and do not want to have the expense of buying a new one with the fusion technology, since, as you can imagine, a new device is not cheap at all.

fusion(picture from soldiermod.com)

For those who do not know what this thermal fusion technology is -> As the names implies, it is a fusion (combination) of thermal optics overlaid on night vision optics. This helps to maintain your “clear” view of a simulated “daylight” with highlights of hot sources like people or animals as shown on the above picture.

P1070963As we have reported from 2014s IWA Exhibition, the company making the RAG4 simulations grenades were present as well during the Enforce Tac. We finally had the opportunity to talk to a representative of the company about their product. You can see that they have expanded their product range quiet a bit. All in all, they have BB filled variants, “blank firing” grenades, as well as smoke grenades and “explosive” shooting targets. We asked if their products have a BAM certificate (which is required here as per german law) and we’ve been told that a distributor should take care of this, since this are just cost that the company not necessary wants to pay. So if you are in search of a business opportunity for Germany, hit them up at http://rag4.com


P1080003On the lower floor there were 2 bulletproof trucks/transporters, which you could check out from the inside and outside.

P1080005 P1070997



A day passed and the Enforce Tac was over. To be honest, the Enforce Tac was just a smaller pre-IWA in our opinion, besides the above shown Trucks, you could see all products at the regular IWA exhibition. However, it was nice to have enough time to talk with the exhibitor, since it was less crowded and as said before, just one rather small floor.

The next day we had several meetings filling up our day schedule and we decided to quick roam some POI, which we noted down from studying the guide booklet. We came across of some Russian optics jewels at the booth of Zeleny Sports, which is a Czech wholes seller for AKs, ammunition, etc.

P1080081 P1080087

P1080091This is more or less a Czech licensed 1P29 (civilian version UPO-1), named MOCO-1, as the engraving tells us. You probably have seen this particular scope already a lot during the Crimean and Ukrainian crisis and some of the late 80s and 90s pictures roaming the internet.

P1080099 P1080097 P1080102Another great scope is the Kashtan, also known as the 1P78, which is a lightweight modern 2.8x russian optic, currently being introduced to service within the Russian forces.

P1070989SimGun introduced their pistol fitted laser for their great innovative system. The also told us that their system can “shoot” precisely up to 1000m. We hopefully will have soon the possibility to test their system within our team and provide you with the results and first hand feedback.

P1060420As we passed the G&G Booth we saw this AK in a showcase and have been enlightened that his in fact is an Inokatsu AKM. Since we look so reputable, we were allowed to take it out and have a better look at it. 🙂

P1060421 P1060425P1060423P1060413 P1060416The build quality was superb? I especially liked, that in fact Inokatsu managed to manufacture a “real” bolt with a charging handle and not just a flat piece of sheet metal, like most Manufacturers do on AEGs.

P1080022At this point you may be wonder, why the heck would I post a MP40? To be fair, this is no “ordinary” Airsoft or 9mm MP40. This is in fact a blank firing 9mm P.A.K. MP40. So why should we care about this? Well, as you may remember we are from germany, and we can not just buy a real rifle and then shoot it with blanks. Only special built blank firing guns are able to be purchased here as an individual without a gun permit. GSG is in fact the first company to take this niche in consideration. There are hundreds of Handguns out there, but the above shown MP40 is the first “rifle sized” gun with this free to buy blank firing ammunition.

P1080041 P1080045Above you can see the markings, the Made in Germany label and the caliber for the blanks. On the right side you can see there interesting safety feature, which is located below the handguard, just right behind the magazine feed. You just turn it to “F” for fire and “S” for safety, as you may have guessed.

Since it appears that the GSG MP40 are heavily based on their 9mm (not blank) and .22lr MP40, they will probably consider to produce an AK, since they have an .22lr AK in their repertoire. They told us that the 2nd produced batch of the MP40 (MSRP 399,- Euro) has already been sold out. They are also very amazed of the great feedback from their customers.

P1080063 P1080064They will soon release an STG44 (MP44) in Q2/Q3 as well as an turkish Uzi variant called the EKOL from ASI, chambering the 9mm P.A.K. (MSRP 249,- Euro).

P1080052 P1080054

So what is this all about blank firing guns and why should we be interested in it at all? That question is relatively easy to answer. Since the SimGun laser system works with sound recognition for shooting, it will also work with blanks. Just imagine how awesome it would be? Not to forget that you can buy blank firing guns within reaching the age of 18 years, since as per German law blank firing guns do not count as guns in any way (no shitting!).

P1060393Now back to some Russian related stuff 🙂 We found a NPO SR3 AEG at the booth of MWM Waffen, which appears to import some Russian Airsoft guns and sell them via the auctioning platform known as eGun, which is somehow a copy of eBay, but hence the name tells, with guns.

P1060363We had the time and opportunity to take a close look on it, and noticed that this particular model is one of the first made, since this got a 2012 marking written on the receiver. In the near future we will do review of the LCT SR3 and SR3m and compare it as far as possible to the NPO SR3 we have seen here on the IWA.

P1080109As seen on several picture already, also on KARDENs blog, you should be aware by now that the FSB the MP9. At the B&T booth we saw that there was a even smaller variant of the MP9 called the TP380. As the name reveals, it is chambered in .380 Auto, also known as 9mm short. I immediately got into a conversation with an exhibitor from B&T about the MP9 and why the FSB decided to purchase it. Apparently some FSB officials were looking to buy some silencers for their Glocks, since B&T does them officially. They saw the MP9 and got stoked about it. They ordered a few and the rest of this story you can imagine 🙂

P1080114 P1080121He also told us that they were interested in buying the APC45 (Advanced Police Carbine), chambered in .45 ACP. If they in fact did order some or not, has not been answered, but he gave me a grin, which said all 🙂


We ended up being quite late to the S.O.G. Conference (Scandinavian Outdoor Group), due to another meeting we had before. Besides the new Morakniv knives (Eldris -small knife, Garberg – Full tang, Kansbol – new Mora 2000 and the Multimount system for Molle, etc – test following.), Real Turmat (patented freeze dried trekking food – test following!), Polyver (lightweight PU Boots for cold environment with high quality materials – test following) and of course Aclima (Merino wool underwear and garments – test following!) there was nothing new.

P1080140(Garberg – Full Tang Morakniv)

Later that day we took part of the Morakniv conference, since this year marks the 125 Year anniversary of the company. We had the time and tools and recorded the whole conference, showing the 3 new knifes and the (awesome) Multimount accessories + Q&A with their tester, Johan Skullman.

Check it out here!

P1060298 P1060300While walking strategically across the halls, we came across this interesting AK named AK ALFA. With that name they got immediately our attention. The Manufactures is Kalashnikov Israel, with a “K” Logo that not only reminds, but is in fact the Concern Kalashnikov Logo. So we started asking questions. Apparently Kalashnikov Israel buys the parts from Izhmash in Russia, like barrels, lower receivers, etc. and mold it into a nylon “shell” or how they call it “modern-day chassis”.

CCI21032016The AK ALFA comes in 2 different sizes and 2 different calibers. One being the 7,62×39 using standard AK magazines and the other being 5,56×45 using Galil magazines. Their modern take on the AK is, besides this futuristic look (which has nothing to do with the AK-15!!), are the following points:

  • Easy accessible AR type ambidextrous safety levers
  • Ambidextrous charging handle
  • Ambidextrous push down magazine release
  • Replaceable ergonomic pistol grip panels
  • A long 43cm upper picattiny rail
  • Improved trigger – shorter pull, crisper break and faster reset.
  • Folding and retractable stock with an adjustable cheek rest
  • Cutting-edge compensator, which assist the reductions of recoil and muzzle flash

All in all this is in fact a real modernized AK variant, but not from Izhmash or better said Concern Kalashnikov, as the flyer and logo may indicate or even “trick”. The website appears to be still under constructions www.kalashnikov-isr.com. We are very interested in the first public shooting tests and videos of the AK ALFA.

P1060284The same booth had those “fancy” AK attachments and this reddot sight, which can be charged via mini-usb. Not sure what to think of that.

P1060285They also had those magazines with a clear strip and round indication, which could definitely be real useful in any combat situation.

P1060402Of course we did visit Kizlyar Supreme and oh boy did the have a lot of new knives to show us. Not only the above shown Machete is one of their newest “knife”, but many, many more. I want to take the time and point out that Kizlyar Supreme has many designers all over the world, like Zobair Bary, an experienced hunter and outdoorsman in Australia, who designed the above shown “Bush Mate” based on the Machete used by the Australian Army. He is just one of many designers and international experienced team member of Kizlyar Supreme.

SturmAs we already mentioned in last years IWA summary, Kizlyar Supreme was designing a special Knife with 11,5cm blade length, which came out to be 11,9 cm in the end and is called STURM. This knife is by far my personal favorite in the new lineup. This blade length makes it a legal carry in Germany. Interesting enough, they also made this variant in cooperation with Russian operators like TssN, Vityaz and other units. Since this blade has a thickness of 4,5 mm, it can be used for prying, as in comparison to the Urban model, which is 3,2mm thick (which they apparently complained about). The Sturm comes in black or in this H&K G3 style green, in AUS-8 or CPM Steel (only Satin finish) with a Kraton handle with ABS base. The sheath is made out of Kydex with a multi position SP platform, just like the Urban has. There will also be Training Knife variant made out of steel with the same shape and handle but with a dull blade, which will fit in the sheath. Thumbs up for this!

P1060405 P1080124Throwing knifes! A new addition to their repertoire, which were developed with the Russian Knife Throwing School and grandmaster V.S. Kovrov, who is the original designer of their throwing knife range. Those knives are all hardened around 42-45 HRC to guarantee longevity, even after years of use. As you may have seen, the finish is cross brushed, so you have a better grip on them.

P1080129 P1080131If you are fan of wooden handles, then they do have something for you as well. The above shown prototype knife and the Bush Mate Machete is just one of many knives with wood (caucasian walnut) handles.

P1060400 P1060401This is another prototype of their new Caspian model, with a traditional handle as they have and had in the Kizlyar region of Russia.

Sadly some assholes had again to steal some knifes from their booth, so we sadly can’t show you all their new knives and prototypes. But check out their website for the full range!

Now for some random AK/russian guns and Airsofts for your viewing pleasures 🙂

P1060433      P1060434 P1060437      P1060460 P1080017      P1060319 P1060322 P1060324

It was again a great experience, even if it was quite exhausting after 4 days. We met a lot of great and interesting people, had nice conversation and got a lot of information. But it saddens me that again there have been so many items stolen…I mean come on, this is not your random exhibition, this is a professional trade fair for professionals and businessmen…

If you have any questions about any special product, or have an addition to make, please refer to the forum or comments. – thanks!

22.03.2016 – by Logisticz for Gruppa L

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