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This year the IWA exhibition was the most exciting and best experience we had until now in Nuremberg’s huge exhibition halls. We met a lot of people we known via Email, YouTube or other Internet related channels of communication. We talked with a lot of exhibitors about upcoming and freshly released products.

This year we managed to get in time up, out of the “headquarters” and on the road to Nuremberg. We packed enough SD-Cards for our Camera and (not enough) business cards. Due to work related (time), we haven’t planned our “route” such well as last 2 years. But it didn’t matter, since we wanted (as alway) to check every exhibition hall an have a look at all exhibitors – since you can always stumble upon things you haven’t known or even seen before.

Aresnal (6)I want to start with bang right away – I know, I know, you should keep the best things for the end, so people read all of the post, but I know you guys read it anyways 🙂

One of my (our) personal Highlights were the Miniatures from Arsenal Firearms. Half scaled full working guns and rifles. Since we are huge friends with Arsenal (I just made that up), we were able to take “hands on” on those expensive and rare collectible Items.

Aresnal (2)The cost for this particular AKM, GP-25 grenade launcher and PBS-1 Silencer is around 30.000 Euro. The GP-25 and the PBS-1 are working as well! I was told to only touch the wood/plastic parts, I guess so the metal parts don’t get greasy or even start to oxidate. It was an extravagant feeling holding this AKM, but also very intimidating, due to the value. I was giggling like a idiot while charging it.

Aresnal (3)It is so well made, everything works and feels like a normal AKM. The wood parts were made out of Walnut, you could smell it.

Aresnal (4) Aresnal (5)We’ve been told that due to the fact that the ammunition is not commercial available those guns and rifles are not considered as “real” firearms, even if they shoot and function as a real firearm. They made for themselves some custom ammunition for testing it the function out. It was hard to let it go and putting it back in the box for me, as you could imagine…

Aresnal (8) Aresnal (1)The VSS and the APS Stechkin are miniatures as well and half scaled full working “firearms”. I really have a huge respect for the craftsmanship. Kudos to Arsenal and thanks for letting us “fiddle” around with the AKM!

Kalaschnikov Airsoft                      Energy DrinkWe’ve seen also some AEG AK rifles, which were branded “Kalashnikov”. I haven’t heard from them before and they didn’t felt/look quite good either, but just from feeling and touching I can’t give a real verdict, so this is just a first impression. They also had energy drinks branded and labeled Kalashnikov. I am curious if they tasted like gun oil, lead and gunpowder with a gummy bear aftertaste.

gunfirepl (2)                   gunfirepl (3)G&G apparently go their SR-3M up and “running” and showcased them with not “prototype-esque” handguard and forward grip. Also an M70 Zastava variant AEG. G&G also has a quite big variation on their VSS variant – named from GSS to FSS to VSS. I am not sure what the difference really is, but it appears that the Wood is different. GSS looking the cheapest and VSS the most “authentic”.

gunfirepl (1)E&L got some new variants as well (as for my information). An AIMS and a AKS-74U with SAW grip and a RIS/RAS solution for handguards. I really like the AIMS….

E&LThere was this E&L AKM with this “unknown” Handguard/GP-25 conjunction. I’ve never seen it before. Got a hint for me? Post it in the comments.

2Speaking of E&L – maybe you heard that they are “making” a GBB M4. Since we talked last year with Realsword they also told us that they are making a GBB M4, which are identical – literally.

EmeiAs we passed nearly at the end of our first day the Norinco booth, a poster caught my eyes. There were several airsoft rifles and those stickers and icons saying “EMEI“. As you may know or not, E&L is short for “EMEI & Landarms“, it was known that EMEI does real rifle and guns and Landarms does “produce” (pretty good) internals for AEGs. So this E&L brand is conjunction of both, matching their products into one. Well the funny thing now is, Why is an EMEI poster with E&L/LCT AEGs (yes also LCT) at the Norinco booth, also showing some chinese rifles like the Type 95? We were getting curious and asked Norinco what it is all about…..

Apparently EMEI, also known as Factory 296 in China, builds all weapons and weapon parts (real and aeg/gbb). Several companies like Norinco, LCT, E&L, Realsword, etc. buy their product and rebrand them simply or “refine” them and sell them under their name for a higher price. (Real guns are mainly sold to NorincoBAM, I blew your mind! Yes this is true, LCT, Realsword and E&L are in fact the “same”!

Izmash (3) Izmash (4)The Kalashnikov Group (Izhmash, Baikal, Saiga, Kalashnikov) booth was beautiful made. They displayed their flagships as usual, besides the SV-98 I liked a lot the AK-74M chambered in .22lr – this could be great for us (me) in Germany, who are doomed by local gun laws to own a real AK in 7.62/5.45×39 (with few exception).

Izmash (5)                       Izmash (1)The funnies thing I encountered there, was the little air rifle / CO2 stand at the Kalashnikov Concern booth. They had all code locks, but the code was written on the locks on masking tape. Makes it kinda obsolete. 🙂

WE AirsoftSpeaking of funny, were kind excite to get to the WE Airsoft booth and have a hands on and talk with the guys about their Makarov PMM. When we arrived there we were looking all over the place and couldn’t find it. After waiting a time somebody was free and I asked about the PMM where it is. I’ve been told “But there it is” I asked, where? “there on the top”. He was pointing in the upper row of the handguns hanging on the wall (illuminated in green above) I was again asking, where? Then he took the Tokarev down. I had to explain it what the PMM is and he said, something like “Well, I am not the guns guy, you need to talk with Ross”…mhm well, I just looked to netsplit and turned my eyes. Sorry, but this is a trade fair and not some cheap exhibition, and how can you not know the newest product of your company, which you are representing there? However, after waiting some time we manage to talk with Ross (WE Airsoft Marketing Manager Europe).

We had several Question for him:

  • “Where is the PMM and why are you not showcasing it?” He told us that due to missing license and out of “respect” to the real inventors, who are also representing at IWA, they didn’t brought it…We were disappointed, but oh well…
  • “How come that WE chose to make a Makarov GBB. Was it due to the fact that KWA is rescheduling their MKV release several times?” The Answer to that was kinda hilarious. He told us that the choosing of which gun will be made or not is really random. The head technician and designer behind the WE guns apparently decides this out of his guts. Today we make this, tomorrow this and so on. So there is no real prediction to what will come when. Thanks for that crucial inside info into WE’s “head”.
  • “Do you have any information about the CO2 mags, which were rumored to be released for the AK series?” There will be no CO2 mags, ever. CO2 is just to powerful for the gas container in the magazine and due to the curved shape it is not possible to strengthen it. The test mags all blew up and they don’t wanted to put out dangerous mags for their customers. One rumor/mystery finally cleared.
  • “Are there any future AK updates planned or in the pipe?” As a fact actually not really. We have also been told that the WE series are in fact the worst selling rifles from WE. We couldn’t believe it, since in our opinion it is the most brilliant or at least as real as it gets GBBR on the market. He told us that he owns one by himself and really dig it. We told him that were pretty sure that the PMC didn’t sold well due to the chosen design. If WE had made the “long” AK in a classic wooden look it would’ve sold more.

WE also has a new Green gas product line called Nuprol, which they say that it is intended for their more “thirstier” guns and is for flawless use in cold temperature as low as +3 degrees Celsius. We got the 3.0 and 4.0 Gas from them and will do a “scientific” review in the coming month. Stay tuned for it!

Redwolf (3)Speaking of Green Gas…Red Wolf Airsoft was also present at the IWA with its own booth. Besides their huge range of Airsoft Guns and Gadgets, like the Remote Controlled Turret, they presented their own branded and produced Green Gas.

Red Wolf Airsoft SentryWe’ve been told that someone from their French distributor asked RWA, if they could do some Green Gas which would work flawless with GBB Pistols and Rifles in the mostly cold region of Europe, like France, UK, Germany, etc. And well, they made it. They said that the gas consumption would be better and then gun performs better then ever regarding temperatures around 0-5 degrees Celsius. We have been given a sample Gas Bottle of their RWA Green Gas Platinum Performance Formula and will consider to test it with the WE NUPROL Green Gas and compare it as best as we can.

Wait…What did I just saw there on display at RWA? The WE PMM Makarov!

Redwolf (1)I asked TIM from RWA after a small interview if we can have a close look at it and he did not hesitate a second to get the key and let us literally take it apart.

Makarov (1)It is a great pistol, it feel just right in the hand. I am not sure what material the Slide is, since it looks just like brushed steel, but it is as light as Aluminium.

Makarov (2) Makarov (3)You can take the PMM just like the real deal apart with ease. The funny thing was, that nobody cared at all that we were taking it apart on their Booth Counter. Thanks for trusting us with it, Tim!

Makarov (7) Makarov (8)The Silencer with the inner Barrel is a great Idea, I really like it. More even the Fact that it is plainly included when buying the WE Makarov PMM, You thread the inner barrel first in the Barrel of the gun, and on top of it you Thread the Fake Silencer for the looks. Well I have to admit that I am not that happy with the chosen Silencer, since it is not accurate, but what the heck. It is a great Side Arm (in terms of how we could “test” it so far)

Makarov (4)Here you can see both threads of the inner barrel and the outer barrel for the fake Silencer.

Thanks again to Red Wolf Airsoft and Tim for their Time and trust with their products!

Kizlyar Supreme (5)We passed by one of my personl favorites of last and this year, the booth of Kizlyar Supreme! They make some real great Knifes for all purpose you could use one and also supplies some Russian Special Forces, as you may know.

Kizlyar Supreme (1)Those Knifes shown above are their Tactical Echelon Series showing (from Top to Low) the Trident, Delta, Alpha and Croc Blade Variant. They are all 283 mm in Total Length, 150 mm Blade Length with a Blade Thickness of 4.7 mm. The Handle is made out of Kraton (polymer) with an ABS base. You can choose between a D2 or AUS-8 Steel witha Satin or Titanum Coating on all mentioned models above. Included is a PA Fiber Sheath with Nylon, which is MOLLE Compatible. I really dig the Titanium Coating. I got a Prime (folding Knife) from Kizlyar Supreme – there will soon come a little review about it 🙂

Kizlyar Supreme (4)now comes the cool part…. Above you can see the Satin variant Blade of the Trident Model and the Training Knife made out of Steel (dull of course). The Awesome Part is, that it is identical in weight, and shape of the “real” Counterpart of the Tactical Echelon Series, which makes this in Fact a ideal for Training purposes. Another Factor, which I’ve been told is, that it is a psychological factor that plays a huge role, when training with Rubber knifes in contrary to real Steel knifes. Russian Special Forces especially asked for the weight/shape identical Training Knife to their “issued” Knifes from Kizlyar Supreme. They said that even training with Rubber Knifes, the Mind still gets “scared” when seeing the “steel” of a real knife. So Training with a Steel Dull Knife helps to “habituate” to it and so be better prepared in a “real” battle/fight.

Kizlyar Supreme (3)Another Knife I really fall for was the URBAN Model. It has total Lenght of 202 mm, Blade Length of 92 mm (which makes it Legal in Germany to “carry” with you), Blade Thickness of 3.2 mm and a Micarta Handle, which looks just lovely. Steel types are as well D2 or AUS-8, just like the Tactical Echelon Series. The Sheath is made out of Kydex and can be multi positioned, so you can in fact carry the knife horizontally and vertically. It is really well balanced and feels awesome in your hand – fence grip and hammer grip wise. We will hoepfully get our hand on this and maybe one from the Tactical Echelon Knifes to test and review in the Gruppa L style, as you are used to!

Kizlyar Supreme (2)Last but not Least is their new AMIGO Neck Knife series. There are 2 variants, which differ only in the shapes of blades called Amigo X and Amigo Z. Both are 133 mm in Total Length, 69 mm Blade Length, and have a Blade Thickness of 2.85 mm. The Handle is made out of 3D Textures G10, like the Sheath. Steel variants are as well D2 or AUS-8 with Satin or Titanium Blade Finish. There are also variation in the Handle Colors with range from Green and Black for the Amigo X and Orange and Blue for the Amigo Z. Unfortunately the pictures of the blades are somehow corrupted, but I borrowed some pictures from their webpage/catalogue.

Kizlyar Supreme Amigo 2This is not your ordinary Neck Knife, You can carry it also (thanks to an adapter plate for the sheath) actually everywhere, where it can fit. Like on your Boot, Belt, MOLLE parts, etc.

As mentioned before I really like the Kizlyar knifes, since they are, greatly engineered and affordable and usable. We’ve been also told that they are currently making a “Germany Legal” Variant of the Tactical Echelon Knifes (115 mm Blade Length). Since there were a lot people asking about it. That is what I call Consumer Orientated! Kudos!

VZ58 (1)No for something completely different. Some VZ.58 goodies for your eyes.

VZ58 (2) VZ58 (4)I don’t know why but I really like the VZ.58. especially this mad short COMPACT called variant.

Frontowiec - Redzone (3)If you ever wondered where we get most of our Gear, then head over to http://www.frontowiec.com/. I was kinda baffled when I read that they will be aswell present with corporation of Red Zone.pl at IWA2015 with their own Booth.

Frontowiec - Redzone (1)                          Frontowiec - Redzone (5)

Red Zone.pl got some great own variants of the SSO Smersh and some of their Acclaimed suits. Check them aswell out under http://redzone.com.pl/

Frontowiec - Redzone (2)

Last but not least we got some “teaser” from VOMZ Vologda Optical and Mechanica Plant regarding their new “Batteryless Red Dot” and their “ELCAN SpecterDR 1-4x” like Scope.

VOMZ (1) VOMZ (2)Stay tuned for more!


Well once more a great Exhibition is over. We made a lot of new friends and contacts, got tons of tons of new impressions regarding a lot more then we have the space to write (and which is not that blog relevant). We can’t wait whats up for the coming IWA exhibition and are eager to give you  our impressions from there once more as good as we can.

As mentioned last time: Feel free to comment or to ask us about particular things or for future Products we should look out for you guys.


12.04.2015 – by Logisticz for Gruppa L

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  1. Very well written, as usal 🙂
    Do you think you can write a review about the kizylar croc/delta and the urban? my mates and I are thinking in buying some kizlyar knifes to complete our vityaz outfit, but we do want all to match each others and are not sure which to buy :D.

    thanks in advance!

    • I would really like to. But since we have to buy all the stuff for the review our self it really depends.
      Maybe we can make it work with the manufacture. I will try my best!

  2. I’m so jealous that you guys could hold the Minitaure AK47 from arsenal…when I saw it on youtube with larry wickers i wanted it so badly

  3. When will the Kizlyar Prime review come? my local shop has got then in offer and I want to buy one, but still on the fence for it or a spyderco.

    thx – keep up the greart work!

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