FSB Calendar 2018 “Leaks”

The new FSB Calendar for 2018 is out! Besides some impressive Fotos, this year the FSB is not showing off “ALFA” but some other Unit! You should definitely take a closer look at this…

Every Year after year I personally cherish the Moment when finally there are “Leaks” of the new FSB Special Forces Calendar.
And it has not changed for this years Calendar 🙂

This year the FSB is presenting the Directive  “K”  Kavkasz (Кавказ – Caucasus) from the Special Purpose Center of the FSB (Центр специа́льного назначе́ния ФСБ Росси́и (ЦСН ФСБ России)) stationed in Yessentuki(Ессентуки) in the Stavropol Territory of Russia.


Maybe you remember those guys from this video 🙂



As on a side note about our known “FSB” and their units:
The Center for Special Purpose (translated correctly) has been established in 1998, October the 8th. It is an independent Branch within the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia. The main taks of the ZSN FSB are counte-terrorism mission and taks in the territory of the Russian Federation and beyond. This includes the detections, prevention, suppresion, disclosure and investigation of terrost acts and activities through special operations, combat and other means of measures in accordance to Article 9.1, 2nd chapter of the Federal Law No. 40-FZ, 3rd April 1995.


Directive “K” is (as far as our research went) is a department in the “Economic Security Service” (CEБ) within FSB – which puprose is the counterintelligence and fight against corruption in the financial and banking sector.
I will make an seperate article about the origins of FSB (and KGB) and the directives soon.  so stay tuned for this as well 🙂

March 2018

Besides the Impressive Pictures we do see some impressive Gear as well like the the use of a lot of Zenitco attachments, Western Collimators like the EoTech and of cousre the more and more common Mulitcam Clothing.

May 2018

As you may noticed, we sadly have no pictures of the April and November months 🙁

June 2018

June 2018

August 2018

September 2018

October 2018

December 2018

Again – sadly no November Foto of the Calendar…


If you were wondering where to get this Calendar, I have to sadly admit, that we have so far not found any source of it, but however I can supply you with the following links where you can get some other FSB related Calendars – we just dont know if they also ship outside of Russia.

See for yourself 🙂

Here and Here

12.01.2018 – by Logisticz for Gruppa L

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