Ultralite Compact Trekking Poles
…made by Fizan

After my crappy trekking poles broke, I finally had an excuse to buy new ones. I was looking for lightweight and compact / multi section poles. At them time (and possible still) the Ultralite Compact Trekking Poles were the lightest on the market and also pretty cheap with a price of only 75€. They are made by Fizan in Italy. Fizan, have been making ski and trekking poles in Italy since 1947 and were supposedly the first company to use aluminum in their products.

So I purchased these back in 2011 and have used them since on most of my hikes, both in forest / open ground areas and in the mountains. As I already mentioned the poles are incredibly light – so using them really is a joy, since you do not have to swing much weight back and forth. There are a few different colors available, however I painted mine in olive.

Each pole weights 158g, which is very light for poles and even more so considering that they are aluminum not carbon based. Most of the comparable multi-sectioned poles are about 100g heavier (…so 200g in total)
Despite being so lightweight, they are strong enough to take my weight of 89kg swinging on them. According to Fizan they are made out of 7001/T6 aluminum alloy, which is the same material used on high end tent poles.

It is a 3-segements construction (diameters of: 18,16,14 mm) and therefore continuously variable between the folded length of 58cm and the maximum length of 132cm. Hence they will fit in any backpack or can be attached to the side. Each of the two extending segments are secured with expansion bolts (Fizan calls it ‘flexy locking’).
As I am 187cm tall, I need them to be extended almost to the max. So if you are taller, they might be to short for you.

The tips are very durable and out of carbide. Any 50mm trekking pole basket should fit . For use ‘quiet use’ rubber covers are included. I lost them after some days already, but I never missed them since.
The handles feel nice and comfy and are large enough for my hands. They are made from high end copolymers (ethylene-vinyl acetate / EVA), which is very durable. The attached straps are adjustable and feel comfy as well and are made out of nylon with a neoprene padding. Also they will not get slippy in rain or wet conditions, which is important.

As the length can be varied continuously, the poles come in handy for constructing shelters. I often use them with a poncho, which works great. Therefor I also bought some titanium tent pegs …I painted the tips orange after I kept loosing them 🙁

Anyhow the poles are definitely not built for heavy duty! While they are great to take weight of you back if you wear heavy backpacks, they should not be used in situations where you depend on poles.
If you stumble and your weight (…and additional 20-30kg from the backpack) weigh on a single pole, it will break supposedly.

Despite that they are a beat piece of equipment and you back might be grateful 🙂

20.01.2013 – by netsplit for Gruppa L

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Ultralite Compact Trekking Poles
…made by Fizan

  1. Just got a pair and they are as light as feathers. I’ve hiked with my two friends for several years now up and down the East coast mostly on the AT and went without poles most of the time. Never again. So when I decided to buy my own rather than borrow from a friend I got these for Christmas. They are so light and easy to put together. Next hike is the Grand Canyon and these poles are going to be put to the ultimate test.

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