EKA Viking Combi Saw

The EKA Viking Combi Saw (or ‘EKA Viking Wilderness Multi Blade Folding Combi Saw‘ if you have an affinity for long terms…) is a lightweight, but very capable saw for outdoor use. It is manufactured by EKA-knivar in Sweden in both a 17″ (43cm) or 21″ (53cm) variants.

The variant in this review and the one I also recommend is the 21″ version. There are different colors available, however I painted mine in a olive-darb shade.
The saw comes with three different saw blades contained in the handle; for wood, plastic or bone and the last blade for metal. However I find myself using the wood blade 99% of the time.
The three blades are secured withing the handle with a screw.

You simply fold out and tension the type of blade you need and the others are there hidden away for when you need them. It can be folded / unfolded in the matter of a few seconds.
Though meant as an outdoor and wilderness saw I also used it at home from time to time, since it is just as good as any ‘real’ saw.


Most outdoor saws you will find are in the layout of a folding knife. However I find them to be very awkward and not really adequate for any real use.
The EKA Viking however is just a bit heavier and larger, but really is a capable saw. You can saw even large tree trunks in a matter of minutes:

Getting replacement blades is no problem at all, since the saw uses regular blades. You will find them in any hardware store.
Talking about the blades… they are made from high carbon steel. So you should keep an eye on them. I lube mine whenever I used the saw with Vaseline to avoid corrosion, after I had to re-buy a whole set of blades 🙁
(you can get German Army surplus Vaseline for just 0,20€ per can, of course any other oil or such will work just as well)

It is also worth mentioning that the saw comes with a 10-year guarantee. You can tell that it is and has to be very durable.
I have used mine for a couple of years now and have not had any issues so far.

Overall this is a great piece of equipment, which I am very please with… and with a price of 35€ it is not too expensive either.

27.01.2017 – by netsplit for Gruppa L

5 thoughts on “Review:
EKA Viking Combi Saw

  1. I’ve just purchased the 17″ version and looking forward to receipt of it in the next few days. Review put it into perspective and good to know of it’s reliability quality, considering “good practice” etc. Nice one

  2. Hi Dan,

    I just bought one (21″ Version) off, since even I am amazed and this one shown in the review is Net’split’s Saw.

    Pricing is currently quite high, so thatst why even I, as I am residing in Germany, ordered one in USA. it was around 77,99 USD +shipping. I would pay somethng like 120 EURO only for the saw, with current price in germany (which is ridiculous)

    Just search for ” EKA VIKING” in ebay and you should get various sellers.

    I hope I could help you,

  3. Thank you for this demonstration. I am new to all this and I think this is pretty cool. I can imagine how handy this would be for all kinds of situations.

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