GCTactical High-Viz Armband


After a Month full of work, I finally could manage to take my time to write this long overdue Review.

Today I have the ultimate High Visible Armband Replica for you ALFA/FSB fanatics. The great detail makes this armband a nearly perfect replica of the SSO/SPOSN HiViz Armbands, which you crave after seeing all those sweet Pictures and Videos on Russia Today, Ria Novosti and Co.

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Kondor Gorka-1 (Soviet Gorka) советский горка

This Gorka-1 from Kondor (кондор) resembles the original Soviet Gorka, which was used during the Afghan War in the 80’s. Today it is still used by modern Russian Special Forces because of its comfortable fit and robustness.

Gorka means “Hill” or “Mountain” and exactly for that matter this 100% Cotton Suit is meant for. Since the Afghani Desert has hot day and freezing cold nighttime conditions, the need of an all around rugged Suit was obvious. Not to forget that the manufacturing cost are really low for a Gorka!

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Cyclop-1 night vision
(Циклоп-1 ПНВ)

The Cyclop is a night vision series, which was produced for the civilian and export market only. It was made by Rostov optical-mechanical plant (Ростовский оптико-механический завод) or short ‘ROMZ’ in the 1980s. There is a great variety of different versions reaching from gen0 to gen1+ tubes.
The one in this review is one of the latest, with a gen1+ tube and Helios (Xeлиос) lens installed.

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R-392 Headset (p392 наушники)

This is the headset of the R-392 man pack radio. It uses a dynamic microphone, as well as a dynamic speaker. This is a typical setup for army radios, since dynamic microphones are more resistant then capacitor or piezo based ones.
However most amateur radios only work with those. So I had put in a piezo microphone, in order to get this thing running with my Wouxun KG-UV6D. The speaker is good to go without any modification.

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Maskhalat KZM (Leto + yellow Berezka)

Today I have 2 pretty cool and affordable Russians suits for you. To be exact 2 “Maskhalat KZM suits”. – One in “Leto” and one in “yellow Berezka” camouflage. Maskhalat suits are no ordinary standard camouflage uniform. Those are meant to be worn over the regular field uniform. They are sometimes wrongly considered as “Russian sports suits” on a known online auction house and on some Russian themed forums. The Fabric used is some kind of parachute fabric, since it is draft proof and quite tear proof – not to forget extremely lightweight. …read the whole review

NSP-2 night vision sight (НСП-2 ПНВ)

The NSP-2 is a generation 0 active infra red night vision sight. It is quite heavy and bulky, but when you think back to the 1960s this device was very advanced for its time. This one was build in Czechoslovakia, but it was developed by the Novosibirsk instrument-making plant (Новосибирского приборостроительного завода).
It uses a high powered infra red light to illuminate the area, like all active infra red night visions. The single stage image intensifier (or converter) tube provides a pretty clear and sharp image for a gen0+ tube.

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Assault backpack Tortilla SSO (Рюкзак боевой Тортила ССО) (Gen 4 – 2011)

After waiting month after month and dying in excitement, I finally got my hands of one of these fine Russian SSO/SPOSN (ССО – Союз Спец Оснащение) made assault backpacks.

First of all the dry facts about this versatile backpack:

  • Medium sized assault backpack with a capacity of 45 liters
  • One large chamber (accessible from the top and bottom)
  • Two side pockets and two back pockets
  • Wide shoulder straps with quick release
  • Sturdy and comfortable main belt
  • Backpack made of waterproof cordura
  • Extra straps on top, bottom and both sides for attaching additional equipment

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