The “secret” 2000 US$ Russian Military Phone

Russia is stepping up their secrecy game and want to keep “curious cats” even more out of their secret stuff an documents. How you ask? Well thats secret…but we will share it with you…

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LCT SR-3m + SR-3 AEG


Another Russian Airsoft Rifle? It is sooo ugly! Again an AK Airsoft? –
That are just a few of comments you hear and read about the LCT SR-3 series. Especially when it comes to the SR-3 itself.
To be honest, they are not the prettiest, but are they any good in technical/pracitcal terms? I could just anwer with a plain “Yes!”, but that would just be too easy, wouldn’t it?

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The PK-AS is a versatile, compact and waterproof sight with a rather unique working principle made by BelOMO (БелОМО) in Belarus.
Often people refer to it as reflex sight or red dot, which does no justice to its capabilities at all. Why? Take a look at these two photos:

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ЗТ8-24х40М – Зеница


The ZT8-24h40M – Zenica (ЗТ8-24х40М – Зеница) is a decent little spotting scope that dates back to the days of the Soviet Union.

But how does it compare to more modern scopes?

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