Belorussian KGB “ALFA” freeing Hostages
…during excercises at Minsk Airport

Belorussian KGB “ALFA” Unit (equivalent of FSB ALFA) did a hell of a job during an big staged excercise at MINSK Airport and some pretty impressive Pictures reaveals us a glimpse at their gear…

On Tuesday Morning the annual exercise at the of the Belarussian KGB Special Operation Unit “ALFA” started – this years Main and “Public” Excercise was about 4 Terrorist hi-jacking a plane, as soon as it departed. After trying to break into the cockpit and firing shots, the Pilot emergency landed the Plane and the welcoming commitee of KGB “ALFA” was already wating for them. – So far the “plot”


The exercise was pretty serious and approaching with in of 100m was strictly forbidden – even for journalist.
As a side note: the Belorussian KGB has already their “masterplans” for freeing hostages with aviation-hijacking, but just to be sure they try every year with other law enforcment units, like this year with Belarussian “SOBR” Unit, other scenarios, just to fine “tune” their strategy and making no room for any mistakes or unknow faktors.

Sergey Revervich – Head of KGB Anti-Terrorism Departmetn said during a Pressconference: “Terrorist acts in coherence with Civil Airplane is mostly accompanied by a large number of Victims, causing a wide international response and damaging the image of the country allowing such act.”

During 2014 and 2016 there were 4 incidents at civil Airports in Belarus related to unlawful attempts of interference with civil aviation – which makes it understandable that the are and want to be top-notch in terms of handling such Terroristc Acts.

This Years Scenario was said to be one of the more “complicated” one – The 4 Terrorist decied to split up in groups of 2:
2 Terroist were staying in the Plane, trying to fly with the hostage to another country, while the other 2 Terrorist wanted to try to escape on a Bus with hostage across the Border.

But as soon as the Bus started, a open truck with SOBR Operators were ready to interfer. Breaking the windows, throwing smokegrenades and just in a blink of an eye the Terrorist were lying on the Ground.

At the Same Time KGB “ALFA” stormed the plane under fire of the terrorist and returning the same. There was Screaming and shouting besides the shooting but as well in a few they were bringing everybody with their hands on their heads out – because at this moment, you can not be sure, who is really a Terrorist and who is a hostage.

Nice Nice – but What really is interesting is the Gear they are using – especially for us “Gearheads/Gearnerds” 

Interestingly enough we can see a lot of Western submuchine guns like the famout H&K MP5 with the collapsile “Navy” stock and rails rails rails with an Aimpoint Micro T1 (or equivalent copy), EoTechs, with an without attachable silencers and sporting Sig Sauer P226 in the LEGION Edition, If I am not mistaken (longer beavertail).
While the SOBR Units are using besides the “explosive stick” apparently an AK-101 as well “swagged out” with a lot of western additions liek Rails and M4-aftermarket buttstock and an Aimpoint Micro T-1 (or equivalent copy) and as well Sig Sauer P226 and at one of the pictures I can see as well an H&K MP5 handled by a SOBR Operator.

As well Intersting is the OD Camo use with KGB and the modern OPS-Core Helmets with GoPro and Contour Cameras, IR flashers,  SORDIN or Peltor Active Hearing Protection, Crytek similar pants and a variety of different Body Armors under MOLLE vests.
The SOBR Units on other hand seem more “Russian russian” geared – with FORT Molle Defenders (Diamond and straight MOLLE) as body armors and Multicam Crytek like clothing and FORT KIVER  or MICH style Helmets.+

Here a Video of the KGB and SOBR Units executing their drill in the excercise

Big thanks to and Dmitry Brushko for taking those nice Pictures


21.06.2017 – by Logisticz and netsplit for Gruppa L

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…during excercises at Minsk Airport

  1. looks sick! can you guys write more things about this KGB from bellarus? i really like there outfits and vest. aslo nice that the use MP5

    • Cheers anon cannon,

      yeah we will try to cover some more news or insights about the “ALFA” Unit from Belarus – I personally do dig as well their gear a lot – reminds me of good old 2000’ish FSB ALFA 😀

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