The Lebedev PL-14:
An insight (and inside) look

PL-14 Cover

And yet again there there is a potential new service pistol for the Russian military.
This time by Kalashnikov – The Lebedev PL-14! (Пистолет Лебедева ПЛ-14)
There are many speculations and many of then prove to be very wrong. So follow us on an insight look to clear up some of them!

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MHB-2 Panotron-M


While searching Ebay for Soviet/Russian gear, I stumbled over this ancient night vision. Neither did I recognize it, nor was able to find anything about it on the Web.
So it was clear what to do: Buy it! 🙂

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People kept asking me whether that is a WE TT33 or KWA TT-33. Strangely enough, many did not know that the SRC TT-33 even exist and quite a lot did not even know SRC.
While SRC certainly is one of the smaller companies, it gained a rather good reputation in the recent past. While their early models where not all that great, they now offer decent Airsofts for a reasonable price. And the SRC TT-33 is no exception.

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Kizlyar Supreme Prime

kizlyar supreme prime cover
When I first got the Kizlyar Supreme Prime some years ago, I did not expect I would be writing a review about it at all.
Not that the knife was bad, but I usually refrain from doing reviews on ‘just knifes’ – unless they are something special like the Spetsnaz Machete.

But as time passed, I began to realize that the Prime is actually somewhat special in its own way. Why?

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We are under attack!


As many of you have noticed, we had to disable the the comment function as spam became unmanageable. Also the recent hacker attacks made in necessary to disable some of the modules of this blog, which were somewhat vulnerable.

For those reasons we ask you to post your comments, questions and all the mails we receive apart form that at our new Forums:

By the way, it makes me sad. Our blog is strictly nonpolitical. We do not support nor share common interest with any of the parties in current conflicts.
There is no reason to target us, and we will delete any ‘propaganda’ in a matter of hours anyways.
This is the wrong place for you!

Orsis T-5000 against the IS?

In short: Recent rumors suggest a possible arms deal between Iraq and Russia.
The supposed deal is said to include 1000 Orsis T-5000 sniper rifles as well as a couple KSVK anti materials rifles.
As we have some connections to the manufacture we decided to see if we can get any statement or evidence from them. And as it turns out, there is!

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TVT – Archer TMQ-19

TMQ-19_titleToday I got something pretty special for you. Not a review, but a preview of the Archer TMQ-19 made by TVT – Thermal Vision Technologies (ТОВ – Термал Вижн Текнолоджис)

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PNV-57E (ПНВ-57E) night vision

After the gen. 0 NSP-2 (НСП-2) and the gen. 1 Cyclop-1 (Циклоп-1) night visions, it is obviously time for a review of a gen 1+. night vision 🙂

Speaking of which, as you might have already guessed by the title it is the PNV-57E (ПНВ-57E) this time. As mentioned it is a second generation true stereo night vision device we are talking about. True stereo meaning it uses two separate imaging tubes, one for each eye.
It was developed during the mid 80s by the Novosibirsk instrument-making plant (Новосибирского приборостроительного завода) as a successor/update to the PNV-57.
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WE ACE-VD (SVD / Dragunov)

The SVD is arguably the first real DMR (designated marksman rifle) ever build. In fact the Soviet Union was the first nation to utilize the concept of a squad sniper decades before any other. Today the term used most often for that role is Designated Marksman.

This review will cover the SVD GBBR by WE called ‘ACE-VD‘.
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