Ultralite Compact Trekking Poles
…made by Fizan

After my crappy trekking poles broke, I finally had an excuse to buy new ones. I was looking for lightweight and compact / multi section poles. At them time (and possible still) the Ultralite Compact Trekking Poles were the lightest on the market and also pretty cheap with a price of only 75€. They are made by Fizan in Italy. Fizan, have been making ski and trekking poles in Italy since 1947 and were supposedly the first company to use aluminum in their products.

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GCTactical High-Viz Armband


After a Month full of work, I finally could manage to take my time to write this long overdue Review.

Today I have the ultimate High Visible Armband Replica for you ALFA/FSB fanatics. The great detail makes this armband a nearly perfect replica of the SSO/SPOSN HiViz Armbands, which you crave after seeing all those sweet Pictures and Videos on Russia Today, Ria Novosti and Co.

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Morakniv Companion MG

Mora knifes
(Morakniv in Swedish) are very popular knifes all around Scandinavia, which were made by KJ Eriksson and the Forsts Knivfabrik. A couple of years ago they merged to the now known ‘Mora of Sweden‘ company.
Since Mora knifes are generally very robust, simple and fairly low priced they are also well-known among hikers and in the bushcraft community.

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